Game 43: Yankees at Mets

After winning game 1 of the Subway Series last night, the Yankees will take on the Mets once again tonight. Here is the starting lineup the Yankees will send out to face Mike Pelfrey via Rick Carpiniello

SS Derek Jeter

CF Brett Gardner

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

C Francisco Cervelli

LF Randy Winn

P Phil Hughes

I am excited yet apprehensive to see Hughes hit tonight. Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo Sports.

Fate of the Empire State Building

According to Sam Borden, the winner of this series will determine what color lights the Empire State Building will display (blue and white for the Yankees, blue and orange for the Mets). As of now the north and south side of the building are Yankee themed while the east and west are Mets themed. I really hope the Yankees win, not only because I’m a Yankee fan, but because the Empire State Building with blue and orange lights would be quite the eyesore.

The state of Javy

Last night Javier Vazquez was one hitting the Mets through six innings. Unfortunately in the top of the seventh Javy got nicked on his right index finger as he fouled a bunt off. Vazquez did lay down a beautiful sacrifice bunt on the next pitch, but he would not go out to pitch another inning. Javy wasn’t in much pain and he didn’t even realize his finger was bleeding until he took off his batting gloves. The Yankees expect to know more tomorrow on whether he can make his next start. Here are some of the things Vazquez had to say after the game.

“I feel so embarrassed because I’ve been doing this so many years in the National League and this has never happened to me.” [When asked about getting hit by the pitch on a bunt].

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to make my next start.”

Jeremy Bleich to undergo surgery

According to Tim Bontemps, Jeremy Bleich is probably going to need shoulder surgery. Bleich is a left-handed pitcher and one of the Yankees top prospects. Let’s just hope the surgery is successful and he comes back true to form because shoulder surgery is a scary thing.

Granderson progressing

Last night Curtis Granderson who is currently on the 15-day DL left the team to join the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees for a rehab assignment. Granderson is expected to play 5-6 games with Scranton and if all goes well he could be back with New York at the end of next week. Great news!

3 thoughts on “Game 43: Yankees at Mets

  1. The Yankees lost 5-3! The Yankees couldn’t get the clutch hit! I am getting ticked off Randy Winn lack of production Chris! I got no clue what wrong with Tex and his low batting average but I know he got 30 RBIs and that what he paid for. I am not getting on Tex but he keeps swinging out of the strike zone!

  2. The Yankees just have been in a fog of late and the pressure of a subway series did not help that. Jason Bay had a monster night with 2 homers and the Mets simply pounded Sabathia often and early as he only pitched 5. Also I love how the Mets and their fans say how cavernous Citi Field is and how hard it is to hit balls out but when Met sluggers like Bay hit 2 in a game you don’t hear any of those fans complaining. Give me a break with that! In last year’s subway series Brett Gardner hit a HR in Citi Field. We all know Brett isn’t really known for his power but if he can hit a HR in this “cavernous” ball park then just about any major leaguer can. Speaking of HR’s in Citi Field did you see the one Cervelli hit? Well it wasn’t ruled a HR by the umpires but according to the Citi Field ground rules it should have been one. According to the ground rules if a ball hits the top of the orange line on the outfield fence it is automatically a home run, it does not have to clear the fence. Even after reviewing the play the umpires ruled it an RBI single.

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