Minor League Affiliates

All players “I’m watching” link to great prospect profiles from either River Ave. Blues or Pending Pinstripes.

Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees (Triple-A)






Media Guide (I highly recommend checking this out, it is the same guide given out to the media, and it is free)


Trenton Thunder (Double-A)






Tampa Yankees (High-A)






Charleston RiverDogs (Class A)

Charleston River Dogs






15 thoughts on “Minor League Affiliates

  1. I’m watching Andrew Brackman too! He will be part of a Yankee roster one day that includes Joba and Hughes. I can’t wait!

  2. Nice work on the MILB page! Funny that all the players that you’re watching have some history with the SI Yankees.

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  5. Did you see the SI Yanks have an interim manager? This happened because Josh Paul is currently the bullpen coach in the Bronx as Mike Harkey fills in for Dave Eiland who has taken a personal leave of absence. The interim SI Yankee manager is former big leaguer Jody Reed.

    • Well, I did know that Josh Paul was filling in for Harkey, but I didn’t know Jody Reed was filling in for Paul. Interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they send Paul back soon though. I just hope everything is alright with Dave Eiland.

      • I also hope everything is okay with Eiland. Well today was opening day and the Yankees dropped the opener 5-3 to the Cylcones.

  6. The Staten Island Yankees are now 1-2 after taking game 3 of the ferry series of the Ferry Series from the Brooklyn Cyclones at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George.

  7. SI Yankees got beat bad tonight 8-1 by the Hudson Valley Renegades but they did break up pitcher Miguel Sierra’s bid for a no hitter. Sierra had the no-hitter working into the bottom of the 6th. With a Hudson Valley win & a Brooklyn loss the Gades now have a half game lead over the Cyclones.

  8. The Staten Island Yankees defeated the Hudson Valley Renegades 8-6 today. Kelvin DeLeon went 3 for 3 with 2 home runs and a double. DeLeon had 6 RBI’s and his 2 home runs were 2 and 3 run shots.

    • Hey Riz, although I like seeing how the SI Yankees did every night, I’m not sure this is the right place to be posting summaries of their games. I don’t want to sound controlling, but this page is more of a reference page than a commenting page. Also, I’m typically the only person who would see that there is a new comment on this page, therefore I would be the only person reading any comments you post here, so what’s the point of that?

      • Well it’s just easier to post a brief summary here then it is to do on my blog since I do attend every game. I also try to keep my twitter updated up to the minute with scoring and what not but it only seems you are my only audience anyway so that’s the point! lol

        • Well I just don’t feel this is the place for brief summaries. However, if you like doing brief summaries may I suggest doing Twitter-esque posts on your blog? WordPress has themes like Prologue and P2 which are designed for short little posts. If you did that you could do summaries like you have done here, but they may get a little more attention considering they’d be on the main page of your blog versus a hidden away reference page of my blog.

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