Off-Topic Thread #1

This thread is here for you to chat about anything you wish to chat about, it doesn’t even have to be baseball related, anything goes (well as long as it is not distasteful). So just remember, if you have anything you want to talk about or share with us, just leave a comment on this thread. Obviously, if you want to talk about something related to a recent blog post, you can just comment there.

Have fun!

55 thoughts on “Off-Topic Thread #1

  1. Here’s something not so off topic: JOHN STERLING! LOL His calls are ridiculous. You and I should do a joint blog about him. Call me tomorrow about it or I’ll give you a call.

  2. A thought popped into my head recently about a player the SI Yankees had in the early 90’s who’s first name was Elvis. I at first thought it was Rangers SS Elvis Andrus and thought that it was possibly the player I was thinking about because he could’ve gone to Texas in the deal for Alex Rodriguez but after some research I’ve found out that was wrong. The Elvis I was thinking about was Elvis Corporan. Corporan was drafted by the Yankees in the 1998 Draft in the 31st round and he was the 937th overall pick. Somewhere along the road he was dealt to the Minnesota Twins and his last year of Minor League service was in 2006. After the ’06 season he went on to play with various teams in Independent Leagues such as the Atlantic League where he played with the Newark Bears and the Canadian-American Association where he played with the New Jersey Jackals and the Sussex Skyhawks. How’s that for Off Topic?

    • Wow, that is pretty off topic! But that’s exactly what this page is for, I want people to feel free to talk about anything they want (doesn’t even have to be baseball), but I want all the off topic comments away from game posts and what not. I’m really glad you are using this off topic page.

      Anyway, I’m pretty sure the Rangers got Andrus when they traded Mark Teixeira to the Braves. And the name Elvis Corporan sounds familiar to me, but I really don’t know why since I wasn’t following the minors back then. Maybe I saw he play for SI?

  3. Yes he played for the Staten Island Yankees in 1999. Their Inaugural Season at CSI and it was the year after Corporan was drafted. And thanks for that piece of info on the Teixeira trade for Andrus. You know me I will think of more stories for the new Off Topic page and maybe I can start writing posts about our finds.

    • Heh, well you do that.

      Let me ask you a question. Underneath this comment I’m making right now, do you see a “Reply” button? If so does it work when you click on it? If you comment using the reply it should make your comment nested slightly to the right of this comment. I’m just curious because it seems like I’m the only one who has ever done it, and I am wondering whether it works for everyone else.

  4. That 20 inning game between the Mets and Cardinals was weird. Nobody score a run until the 19th inning. The Mets won 2-1 in the 20th inning. It almost lasted seven hours. Baseball games are very hard to predict. You don’t know what you are going to get.

    • That game was crazy. Did you hear that Jerry Manuel had Francisco Rodriguez warming up about 10 times before he put him in the game? That’s like 70 pitches thrown just in the bullpen!

      • Jerry Manuel is an idiot. Him and Omar are on the hot seat. The only thing that may have postponed the inevitable is the call up of Ike Davis. That boy can flat out hit!!! First HR last night and he already leads the NL in walks.

        • I feel Davis was rushed out of desperation. He is providing some life to the team, but that won’t last forever. I think he can hit enough to justify the move though. And by the way, he is not leading the league in walks (he has 3). David Wright is leading the NL in walks with 19.

          • He is giving them a jolt when they desperately needed it. Was he brought up due to desperation? Absolutely. Was it the right move? Oh yeah it was! The Mets are in first place and they’re beating the Phillies right now. (sorry about the errant stat about the walks)

  5. I was looking through some old baseballs that I have from SI Yankee past. I found some interesting things on said baseballs. I found many signatures of some former baby bombers. Most notably Melky Cabrera & Francisco Cervelli. How weird is it that I met these guys before they were stars and now they are both world champions. I was within inches of these players barely knowing who they were and now they’re pros. What a small world we live in.

  6. Hey Chris! I heard Dallas Braden the A’s pitcher that got into a controversy with A-Rod about walking on the mound and that unwritten rule supposely. Dallas Braden pitch the 19th perfect game today on Mother’s Day or May 9 against the Rays in Oakland!

    • Wow. I just looked it up and it’s true. Braden threw a perfect game against Tampa Bay. That now means if the Yankees win tonight they are in first place.

    • Yeah, you’re right Steven, he did throw a perfect game. Now he is going to think he is someone special and is never going to stop talking about A-Rod. This should be fun. A-Rod should send Braden a bouquet of flowers saying “Dear Dallas, thanks for beating the Rays because now we’re in first place.”

      • Haha I’m going to send some flowers too! Braden didn’t help his cause against A-Rod by doing that. Yeah he threw a perfect game but A-Rod has 500+ HR’s and a WS Ring. Braden can run his mouth all he wants but Rodriguez will still always be better because it don’t mean a thing if you aint got that ring.

        • To me, it doesn’t matter who has the most career experience and accolades. What matters is who is right. In this case, it seems obvious to me that A-Rod is right.

  7. The Mets last night turn a triple play and an inside the park home run! But the Mets lost 5-3 to the Washington Nationals. This was the first time since 1955 that happened in a MLB game Chris!

  8. I can’t believe that another perfect game happen in the 2010 season. Roy Halladay of the Phillies but this is not as surprising as the Dallas Braden one. Roy Halladay won 1-0 and he threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history Chris!

    • It’s pretty amazing. This is the second perfect game this month! It’s good to see someone who really deserves to throw a perfect game, like Halladay, throw one. In my opinion he was already the best pitcher in baseball, now he looks even better being in NL and throwing a perfect game. Congratulations, Roy Halladay.

  9. Yes I agree but two perfect games in the same season or 2010 is rare. This is the first time since 1880 that has happened. I didn’t know that but I learned something new.

  10. Hey Chris! What your reaction to Galaragga of the Detroit Tigers near perfect game but to be ruined by a safe called by Jim Joyce and when clearly it is shown on replay the runner was out! That was last night Indians-Tigers game!

    • That was just disgusting! Jim Joyce said his decision was wrong but Selig won’t over turn the decision. Today at Comerica Park Chevrolet and the Tigers gave Armando a Corvette for his efforts.

    • No, I did not see it, well now I did since you told me. People are saying he has attitude problems, but who doesn’t at age 16? I just wish him the best of luck with whoever picks him on Monday in the draft (probably the Nationals).

  11. Do you think Bryce Harper will be assigned to the Nats NYPL Single A affiliate Vermont Lakemonsters? It would draw fans across the league if he did. I am sure Washington’s front office has taken all of that into consideration while they choose what MiLB team he will be assigned to. Didn’t they start Strasburg in Double A? The Harrisburg Senators I believe. They are in the same league as the Thunder. Then he was moved to the Syracuse Chiefs who are in the same league as the Mets AAA affiliate Buffalo Bisons.

    • Well, they haven’t signed him yet, have they? I believe his agent is Scott Boras so it will probably be a while before he signs. However, once he signs I do believe he will begin his professional career in Single A, if not lower, because unlike a pitcher, you really cannot rush a position player through the minors.

  12. Hey Chris! Did you heard about the Bob Sheppard passing on Sunday. He turns 99. And now George M. Steinbrenner died of a heart attack today! George M. Steinbrenner was 80 years old!

  13. And Chris did you heard about the rumors Dan Haren talks. Joba Chamberlain, Ivan Nova and Zack McAlister are the prospects or players that are rumored to be in the package if Arizona decides to part ways with Dan Haren and trade him to the New York Yankees!

    • Yes, I just heard. I spend one day away from the baseball world and I miss this and a supposedly good start by A.J. Burnett. As long as Montero is not in the trade, I’m open to it.

  14. Hey Chris! Did you heard about the fifth no hitter thrown in the 2010 season! Matt Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays threw one against the Detroit Tigers!

    • Yes, it’s kind of strange that it came exactly three years after 500. I am very happy he reached 600 and that he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

    • Hey Steven. Yes, McAllister was traded to complete the Kearns trade. I was surprised by it. I figured the player to be named later would be a prospect of a lesser status. Then again, McAllister’s value has fallen off a cliff this year. He has been struggling against AAA hitters, plus his stuff has never really been good. His fastball sits in the high-80s and his secondary pitches are nothing special. Still, I would have liked to see someone else moved in the trade. Oh well, I don’t think it’s a big deal. How about you?

  15. I have never seen him pitch except his slider is his only outpitch from what I read and at best he is an innings eater at the back end of the rotation like a number four or five starter. Wow that Adam Warren struck out like 15 batters in a minor league game the other day. Is his upside like a number four or five starter?

    • It is true that that McAllister has a pretty good slider.

      I think you’d be correct to say that Warren’s upside is a back end starter. However, I think the belief is that Warren is a good bet to reach his potential. He is a very polished arm (he was drafted out of college) with established off speed pitches. Plus he throws his fastball very hard. While he is not likely to ever be a huge star, he has a good chance to become a solid starter.

  16. That’s what I thought. And I would love to see a homegrown Yankees starter stick in the major leagues in the future because there are rarely ace pitchers out on the free agent market or a good #2 except for this offseason in Cliff Lee. I would love to see Andrew Brackman and Adam Warren succeed in the minor leagues to earn a promotion to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees next season or the year after. Don’t need to rush minor league pitchers.

    • Your last sentence says it all. The Yankees need to give their pitchers years to develop into full packages in the minors. Young pitchers are going to struggle in the majors no matter what, but if you prepare them for struggles while in the minors (something the Yankees did not do with Joba Chamberlain), you would like to think they will adapt more easily to the majors.

      While I cannot predict the future by any means, I would not be surprised to see Adam Warren traded a few years down the line. Then again, the Yankees could keep him and hopefully have him in the back end of the rotation for years to come. Andrew Brackman, on the other hand, is someone who could be a number 1 or 2 starter, and he is someone to really keep an eye on. I am getting way too ahead of myself though, these pitchers are years away from the majors.

  17. I agree! It is hard to project prospects. Even the great prospects such as Jesus Montero. And I thought the Yankees got a lot of number four and five starters prospects in their system such as Ivan Nova, Adam Warren, Hector Noesi guys like those!

    • Well, with where the Yankees usually pick in the draft, it’s harder to find pitchers who project to be number one starters. Still, the Yankees have some guys with very high ceilings such as Andrew Brackman, Manny Banuelos, and Dellin Betances. In addition, players who may seem like nothing special can turn out to be great. There’s no reason to worry about the Yankees prospects.

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