May 22-29 In Review

This past week I’ve been away from blogging because I haven’t found the time. Anyway, I wanted to take a quick look at what has happened in Yankee land lately.

May 22nd 3-5 loss to the Mets

May 23rd 4-6 loss to the Mets

May 24th Off day

May 25th Game pushed back in Minnesota to the next day

May 26th 1-0 win against the Twins in completion of suspended game; 3-2 win against the Twins

May 27th 2-8 loss to the Twins

May 28th 8-2 win versus the Indians


  • Curtis Granderson was activated yesterday after being on the DL since May 1st. He played yesterday but Girardi is trying to ease him back in so he is getting today off.
  • Randy Winn was designated for assignment to make room for Granderson on the roster. Was it the right move? I expected Kevin Russo to be sent down to AAA. I’m not saying it was a bad move, I just was surprised by it.
  • Jorge Posada is ready to begin movement exercises and could be hitting off a tee in a few days.
  • Chad Gaudin is back, and making room for him on roster is Boone Logan who was sent down to Scranton. I for one I happy to see Gaudin back with the Yankees and happy to see Logan out of the major league bullpen.

It's great to have Granderson back in center.

6 thoughts on “May 22-29 In Review

  1. The Yankees offense woke up! Did you saw what happened to David Huff who got hit by a line drive off A-rod head. His Cat-Scan was negative. That was scary! Dave Robertson got injured!

    • Unfortunately, I did see what happened to David Huff. That was extremely distressing. Sometimes you forget how dangerous this game can be. I just hope David is okay.

      Regarding Robertson, I really didn’t see what happened to him, just that he left the game. Hopefully it’s not serious because he is a really valuable pitcher.

  2. The Yankees lost 13-11! Damn it is frustrating. But CC Sabathia struggled but the bullpen was terrible today. With Joba, Mitre and the rest of the bullpen didn’t do the job!

  3. Bullpens are volatile from season to season or game to game! Dave Robertson left with a lower back strain. I am not sugercoating it but the bullpen outside of Mo is shaky. The bullpens need to step up soon.

    • Bullpens are volatile like you said, but the Yankees has been pretty bad lately. However, it looked like Chan Ho Park was returning to form yesterday so that’s a good sign. Plus Marte has been pretty good. And if Robertson can recover quickly that would be great. I still feel that Melancon will eventually end up being a key part of this bullpen though.

  4. David Huff was released from Columbia Presbyterian yesterday afternoon and is okay! His CAT scans returned negative and he is at the ballpark today. He doesn’t even have a knot on his head where the ball hit him. Huff called A-Rod a class act for caring so much about how he was. I guess him and Dallas Braden have different opinions but it is good to see he is doing just fine!

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