5th Starter Decision Coming Soon

According to Tyler Kepner of The New York Times, the Yankees choice for the 5th starter’s spot will be made public next week around Thursday or Friday.

Girardi has said he would like to decide on a fifth starter by next Thursday or Friday, and he had warned Chamberlain and the others that they needed to show results. Phil Hughes did that Tuesday, blanking the Houston Astros for the final four innings and using his weakest pitch — the changeup — with confidence.

Chamberlain followed with a similar effort, getting at least two outs on changeups. He struck out five and pitched aggressively, throwing 32 pitches for strikes.

Let’s hope that Girardi does indeed announce his choice for the 5th starter’s spot soon, because hopefully it will put an end to all these fans and writers saying crazy things. Who am I kidding, the public decison on the 5th starter’s spot will probably just lead to more irrational statements from people. Oh well.

While the Yankees have stated that the competition for the 5th starter’s spot is a “competition”, I have my doubts. In my opinion, they already have their minds made up , and are just using this “competition” as a way to get everyone to work harder. I think the Yankees already have Joba pegged as the 5th starter, but I could certainly be 100% wrong. We will find out soon.

P.S. Check out the new “Off-Topic” page here at 161st Street. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I just felt having one couldn’t hurt.

7 thoughts on “5th Starter Decision Coming Soon

  1. I know what you mean! I want either Joba or Phil Hughes in the rotation because in the future I know Andy Pettitte will retire eventually and don’t know if we even sign Javy Vazquez after the 2010 season! I am a little surprised how Mitre is pitching but I think the Yankees will trade him or Gaudin because both of them are out of options!

  2. I think that both Hughes & Chamberlain are relievers and should remain in the pen while the Yankees get a 5th starter via a trade or free agency. The options in FA at this point are almost non existent but its an option. I read a quote in this week’s Daily News that said “Joba is no longer the phenom he was in 07.” The reason he is no longer a “phenom” is because of this experimentation of him being in the rotation and them moving him back and forth. If you get to read Joe Torre’s book the Yankee Years you will realize that in about 2005 this became Cashman’s team and Joba is a Cashman project so if Joba does well as a starter Cash looks like a genius but if it is a dud hes looking pretty bad. There are many “Cashman” pieces to this Yankee puzzle but sometimes you can’t force things like making Hughes or Chamberlain starters. If they fare better in the pen then that is where they should stay and contribute to the team. Last season Joba blew a few starts and even did so this Spring but in 09 and 2010 Phil Hughes has shown he can do it all. Relieve or start. So if I had to pick a 5th starter from these two men, Phil Hughes has my vote but Joe Girardi & Dave Eiland have the final say.

    • First of all, by putting either Joba or Hughes in the rotation, the Yankees wouldn’t be forcing them to be starters. Both of them have been starters their entire life (including their entire minor league career), if anything the Yankees would be forcing them to be something they’re not, relievers.

      Second of all, the idea that Joba has proven he can’t be a starter is ridiculous. He was rushed through the minors so he didn’t get nearly enough starting experience there. Also, he hasn’t been starting for very long in the majors, and hasn’t had enough time to prove he can’t be a starter. Joba is coming off his first full season as a starter in which he was restricted by pitch counts and inning limits. Still, in 2009 at age 23 Joba had a 4.75 ERA, but guess who else had an era over 4.50 at age 23, Jon Lester. At age 23 Lester had a 4.57 ERA. Should he have been moved to the bullpen? No, and the next year, when he was 24, he emerged as one of Boston’s best pitchers with a 3.21 ERA. 2010 will be Joba’s 24 year old season, and he will finally be free of restrictions. So at least give him 2010 to prove he’s not a starter.

      Also, the idea that Joba will be great again if he moves back the bullpen is silly. Remember, he didn’t do too well in the 2009 playoffs and he was in the bullpen.

  3. I know it takes time to be a great starter! Look at Roy Halladay at the beginning! He wasn’t great and he was sent to A-Ball before coming back to the majors and be a great one! I like Hughes as a starter too but we will see who will win by this Friday because today game got cancelled and Phil Hughes was supposed to pitch! Tomorrow afternoon against the Phillies could be the showdown for the fifth starter on the Yankees between Joba Chamberlain versus Phil Hughes! And remember Greg Maddux at the beginning along with Tom Glavine too along with Randy Johnson who wasn’t great at the beginning but became Hall of Fame pitchers after three to four seasons in the major leagues!

  4. From what I hearing on Twitter or Jon Heyman saying that Joba Chamberlain will be heading into the bullpen! Phil Hughes is the favorite to land the fifth starter job while Sergio Mitre is still in contention but there is still no official announcement! That the rumors of going around and Chad Gaudin got waived by the Yankees today!

    • Chad Gaudin was indeed placed on waivers, but the Heyman tweets are just his opinion, not an actual fact or information for that matter. The only people who know who the 5th starter is are Girardi and some other organizational guys, and I have a feeling they have know for a long time.

  5. Hey Chris! I found out the winner of the fifth spot in the Yankees rotation! It is Phil Hughes due to his development of his changeup according to Joe Girardi! But I don’t know where Joba Chamberlain ends up in Triple AAA or in the bullpen!!

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