Hughes penciled in as fifth starter

Ladies and gentlemen, the Yankees fifth starter.

Earlier today, Joe Girardi announced that Phil Hughes will begin the 2010 season as the Yankees number five starter. The Yankees are saying he won the job out of Spring Training, and sealed the deal with the development of a good changeup. However, I think the Yankees knew who they wanted as their fifth starter months ago, and just used Spring Training as a way to get all the “candidates” to really push themselves.

So will there be Hughes Rules? Yes, there probably will be. But fortunately they shouldn’t be as bad as the Joba Rules were last year. Hughes threw a combined 111 innings last year between the minors, the majors, and the postseason. In 2008 and 2007, however, Hughes was below 111 innings. His career high in innings pitched came in 2006 when he threw 146 innings. We don’t know whether the Yankees base their innings limit on career highs or the previous year for a pitcher, but let’s just assume it is a mix between the two. I’m going to the say the Yankees would be comfortable letting Hughes go about 170 innings in 2010. We wouldn’t have to worry about any of this with Joba.

So where the this leave out good pal Joba Chamberlain. Well, the smart route in my opinion would be to send him to Scranton to get some innings and also some valuable time to just experiment and let it fly. However, when I look at the writing on the wall, it looks like Joba is going to the bullpen. As you already know, I do not like the thought of Joba (or Phil for that matter) in the bullpen. What was the point of stretching Joba out over past few years and finally getting him off an innings limit if you just wanted to put him in the bullpen. You can not tell me Joba pitched himself out of starting just based on the second half of 2009. Oh well, I hope we get some answers soon.

Anyway, I’m happy for Hughes and have nothing against him being in the rotation. I just don’t like Joba being in the bullpen (if that is what happens). It doesn’t seem wise for 2011 and the future, and you could even argue that it is not smart for 2009 because Joba may be a better starter at this point than Phil. This decision really makes me question the Yankees front office, but in the end they know better and us fans just have to follow in what they do.

4 thoughts on “Hughes penciled in as fifth starter

  1. I was befuddled too what was the point of the Joba rules than! But we don’t know what the inside front office and the minor talent league evaluators along with the front office think of Joba Chamberlain along with Brian Cashman! Oh well! I admitted sometime Joba Chamberlain frustrate me with all the 3-2 count to every hitter but I know the deal young pitching takes time! I know not every pitcher is Tim Lincecum who two Cy Young awards in his first three seasons! I knew Hughes was one time a top prospect and they projected him to be an ace! Will Phil Hughes at least become a number two or three starter in the future? I didn’t know anything about Joba Chamberlain until he burst onto the scene but I didn’t know he was a supplemental pick! But what did the Yankees projected him to be back then? Oh well we have to move on to the present! And hopefully Joba Chamberlain will be a starter later this season or in 2011! I can deal with it if this lead to young studs in the starting rotation because top flight quality pitching is hard to find and it is very expensive!

    • To kind of answer one of your questions, I’m pretty sure Phil Hughes was projected to be a better starter than Joba a few years ago when they were both in the minors. And I personally think Hughes could be a better starter than Joba. Still, I’m kind of upset over the decision, unless of course the Yankees put Joba in AAA, then I’m fine with it. But let’s look on the bright side, Phil Hughes is a starter and belongs in a rotation and who knows, Joba could go back into the rotation in 2011.

  2. Yes I agree! I will go along with the decision! And we will find out when the regular season begins! Thanks Chris! Now we will find out the final outfield on the bench soon, and the final one or two bullpen spots!

  3. Joba Chamberlain will be in the Yankees bullpen in the 2010 season! Joe Girardi won’t sent Joba down to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre to be a starter!

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