Javy again?

Last night we heard tons of rumors about the Yankees making a trade for a pitcher. Today, we found out that those rumors were indeed true and the unknown pitcher is who else but Javier Vazquez. In exchange for Javy the Yankees sent Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn, and Arodys Vizcaino over to Atlanta. The Braves also sent Boone Logan, a left-handed specialist, to the Bronx. I haven’t really thought it out yet, but I have to say I’m not really liking this trade. Once it really hits me, I will go into further detail on the trade, for now let’s just hope it works out for the best. Maybe we need to pretend this Vazquez is a brand new pitcher who we’ve never seen before…

17 thoughts on “Javy again?

  1. I know but they gave up Aroldy Vizcaino that I heard that you really like along with Riz!! Joba Chamberlain will be a bullpen guy that’s what Brian Cashman views him as now and a future closer to Mariano Rivera while Hughes is the fifth starter!!! I know Javy Vazquez has strikeout numbers but my only fear of him is giving up home runs as a flyball pitcher!! And Brian Cashman never really wanted to trade away Javy Vazquez after the 2004 season for Randy Johnson!! But Randy Levine and George Steinbrenner forced Cashman to do this after 2004!!

    • I am upset about losing Vizcaino, but I can’t get too upset over a 19 year old in single A. I am curious about who goes to the bullpen, I would guess Joba, but have you actually heard anything official about Joba or Hughes?

  2. Brian Cashman told Mike Francesa that he view Joba Chamberlain at a party last month that he was a reliever this season!! And Hughes should be the fifth starter!! And Hughes will need an inning limit as the fifth starter!! Yikes with the Hughes rules in September!! But don’t get rid of Aceves, Gaudin but I can deal with them trading off Mitre as pitching depth!!

    • Hmm, I’m not too sure I would write Joba off to the bullpen just yet. I think Hughes and Joba will have to fight for the 5th spot in Spring Training.

      As far as trading one of the backup starters, I would definitely keep Aceves, but instead of keeping Gaudin and trading Mitre, I would keep Mitre and trade Gaudin. Gaudin makes more money so you could trim some of the payroll, plus Mitre has more upside.

  3. Okay Chris!! But I didn’t see much from Mitre and maybe I jump to conclusion after one year from Tommy John Surgery!!! Maybe year two he will be better!! Let’s see the competition for the fifth starter in Spring Training!! At least Javier Vazquez is durable but not injury prone like Ben Sheets who is a free agent but got a lot of upside!! But this Aroldis Chapman I am not sure of!! And anyway getting good pitching is hard to come by with 30 teams all searching for pitching for a fourth outfielder and that what scouts called Melky Cabrera I keep hearing!! And Javy Vazquez is all excited to be back and fix and perform better than the second half of 2004 and the postseason!!

  4. I think the Melky trade means Austin Jackson will be up for good some time this year if not from the start. Javy has a high price tag and only 1 year on his contract so not exactly sure how this will work out but we’ll see.

  5. all work and no play means you miss these things. sorry about Austin Jackson comment!. I hope Cashman has another plan to get more wood for the outfield!

    • Okay, that’s a valid reason to miss something. I hope you get to relax over Christmas and ponder Brian Cashman’s moves. I do hope he has a plan to get more for left field, but let’s be realistic, we have a star at every position but left, do we really need another one, no (but it would be nice!).

    • Oh come on, you are making Melky sound like an All Star. I love Melky a lot, and he has been one of my favorite Yankees for the past few years, but we all know that he’s no more than an average outfielder at best. The idea of Javy is growing on me, it is clear he has the stuff to be a good pitcher, but does he have the mentality? I’m going to trust Cashman on this one for now, and say that Javy will succeed in New York.

      And by the way, who are these better pitchers on the market. The only pitcher who is on Javy’s level is Sheets, and he hasn’t pitched since 2008 while Javy has been a guaranteed lock for 200+ innings every year and 200+ strikeouts.

  6. Joel Pineiro, Ben Sheets who is injury prone doesn’t inspire me, Jon Garland yuk, and Justin Duscherer doesn’t inspire me confidence wise Riz!! I am telling the truth!! Did anybody said anything bad when Pavano sign with the Yankees back then? All G.M. make good and bad moves!! It will depend on the player does on the field but not on paper starting in April!! I will not criticize Brian Cashman moves until July or August when we are back in the race in the A.L. East or second place!!

  7. The Yankees did inquire about Cliff Lee but it went nowhere with the Mariners!! And Erik Bedard, Ben Sheets who has upside but injury prone, Joel Piniero, Jon Garland plus Aroldis Chapman is an unknown!! Those starters except Sheets are not ace material or second starter and Javy Vazquez is a fourth starter!! You still remember the 2004 collapse I haven’t forgotten it either but the other players on the Yankees contributed to it also!!!

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