Is there still a chance Wang returns?

As you guys all know, Chien-Ming Wang is a free agent. I know many Yankees fan are still hoping he is resigned, and I definetly would love to see that. However, until today most signs pointed towards Wang being a goner. But today Nick Carfado of the Boston Globe reported that there are 15 teams interested in Wang, and the Yankees would “like to match any final offer” to the rehabbing righty. This makes sense because you can’t expect any team to offer him more than a split contract, just like the one the Yankees offered him not too long ago. I for one hope this report is accurate. Also Carfado notes that Wang is going to check up with Dr. Andrews on January 4th, so expect to hear some more on hear then.

Chien-Ming is looking good in this fashion show.

6 thoughts on “Is there still a chance Wang returns?

  1. IS there a chance? Yes. I hope Wang comes back because if he’s healthy he’s an excellent pitcher for the Yankees’ to have in their arsenal as they try to repeat as World Champions. Will Wang return? That is the question that remains unanswered. How do I know all of this you ask? As you know I am ‘magic’, ha ha. Until next time check out The ‘Magic’ Man @ FYI Jason Marquis is a Washington National.

    • I’ve been trying to follow it, it’s really getting me nervous, I suggest you head over to River Ave Blues for pretty good coverage. I may go insane if I don’t find out more details soon!

  2. I know!! But River Avenue Blues last update by the Daily News saying it wasn’t a salary dump but didn’t say what pitcher?

  3. Oh no!! Now I am hearing Javier Vazquez is the pitcher the Yankees who are trading for!! I still got bad memories from 2004 A.L.C.S. when he gave up a grand slam to Johnny Damon in game 7!! And Melky Cabrera could be in that deal!!

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