Game 118: Yankees at Mariners

This afternoon the Yankees look for the sweep of the Mariners as they send out the following lineup via Pete Abe:

SS Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

DH Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

C Jorge Posada

1B Nick Swisher

RF Eric Hinske

CF Jerry Hairston Jr.

2B Ramiro Pena

And on the mound, Joba Chamberlain

Matsui’s knee acting up (again)

Hideki Matsui had fluid drained from his left knee and is day to day. What else is knew?

What’s going on here?

Damaso Marte’s (yeah he used to be a pitcher) 30 day rehab stint ended two days ago, and the Yankees either had to put him on the 25 man roster, or come up with some other excuse such as an injury to keep him in rehab. Well according to Pete Abe, the Yankees announced that he has been indefinitely excused from the team for “personal reasons.” This is very strange to me, I have to wonder if these personal reasons are real, or if the Yankees are just making random excuses. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does have some personal issues…hey…who knows?

Flashes of 1998

This current Yankee team is really reminding people of 1998, back when the Yankees won 114 games and went on to win the World Series. Anyway, according to Baseball Prospectus, the Yankees have a 99.1% chance of making the playoffs. That’s pretty damn good, but it ain’t over till it’s over.

4 thoughts on “Game 118: Yankees at Mariners

  1. The Yankees never choke away a 4.5 game or higher in the A.L. East standings when the Yankees are in first place at this point in the season!! The Yankees won’t choke like the Mets in 2007!! I guarantee it Chris!!!!

  2. Hey, I just found your blog! I love the Yankees, but my friends are not even into sports, but I don’t care.

    It really looks like the Yankees have a shot at the world series, I’m too young to really remember the early 2000’s so this is a new experience to me, and I love it!

  3. Steven Cheung was 14,16, 17, 18 Chris when the Yankees won the World Series title in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000!! I was born in 1982 and I was a Yankees fan starting in 1995 because I wasn’t into baseball until the Yankees made the playoffs that year and I have been a loyal Yankees fan ever since Chris!!!

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