Off Day Musings (4th Edition)

odm 4th

Wait, what? Brian Cashman actually tried to make a trade?

As the trade deadline came and past, and the Yankees only acquisition was Jerry Hairston Jr, many Yankee fans wanted Brian Cashman’s head. These fans said that he made no effort to actually acquire a 5th starter (which all of a sudden has become the most important part of a team, I thought it was the 8th inning man…haha,). Well, those irrational fans will probably never change their minds, but to those who might be on the verge of changing their minds, and to those who would just like to see what Brian Cashman had to say about the trade deadline, take a look at this interview with Ken Rosenthal. In it, Cashman said he was “very aggressive” and that he was “on all of it” meaning he was looking at high-end starters, low-end starters, and relievers. Cashman also said that the price for Jarrod Washburn was Austin Jackson, would you give up Jackson’s whole future for 2 months of Washburn, I wouldn’t.

Montero out with an injury

Jesus Montero, who was tearing up AA, is out for the rest of the season with a fractured middle finger. According to Peter Abraham, Montero will be out 4-6 weeks, so by that logic, Montero can still play winter ball. That’s good. There is a good chance Montero starts the 2010 season in AAA. Check out his stats.

Well, I’m glad that didn’t go through

If you listened to the Brian Cashman interview that I linked to above, you would know that the Yankees were one of the several teams that inquired about Felix Hernandez, the young Mariners ace. Well, another team that inquired about King Felix was of course, the Boston Red Sox. And according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR, the Red Sox had a couple deals in place to get Hernandez. Luckily for the Yankees, the Mariners turned down both offers.

Previewing the upcoming Toronto series

Tuesday – Andy Pettitte vs. Roy Halladay (yes he is still a Blue Jay) at 7:07 pm. The last time the Yankees faced Halladay, he gave up 5 runs in 7 innings. I think the Yankees would be glad to take that again, but that happened in Yankee Stadium, this time it will be in Toronto. The last time the Jays faced Pettitte, Andy allowed 6 runs in 6 innings, the Yankees hope he fares better this time.

Wednesday – Sergio Mitre vs. Marc Rzepczynski at 7:07 pm. Mitre looks to bounce back from his last outing against the White Sox in which he allowed 5 runs in 3 innings. Rzepczynski will be making his 6 start on the year, he has pitched well so far in his rookie season posting a 3.25 ERA and holding opponents to a .192 batting average.

4 thoughts on “Off Day Musings (4th Edition)

  1. Hairston Jr. was an okay trade but Cashman could’ve and should’ve done a lot more. Just watch the Joe Girardi show on YES and he was even shocked that Cashman didn’t make any deals.

    • My point is that Cashman tried to work out deals for several players, but the price was just too much. As a GM, you can’t just give away all your prospects in trades, Yankee fans should know that from all the years of trading away young starting pitching for a couple years of a declining player.

      Like I asked in the post, would you trade away Austin Jackson for 2 months of Jarrod Washburn? I wouldn’t. And the prices for other starters were even higher. While a 5th starter definitely would have helped, it is not a requirement, the Yankees have made it all the way to first place without a real 5th starter the whole year.

      • Another reason the yanks can’t go pay roll crazy right now is because they are already paying an MLB imposed “luxury tax” due to their off season acquisitions and they don’t want to make the payroll higher than it already is. Also these players are asking way too much in an economy that is really bad.

  2. Will Austin Jackson provide more power than he shown so far? I know Austin Jackson is hitting for a high average but the only thing that concern me is the strikeouts however!! Too bad the Yankees best hitting prospect Jesus Montero is out for the rest of the minor league games with a fractured hand!! I am amazed at 19 years old he is hitting for a high average with a lot of power!!

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