Game 78: Mariners at Yankees

Tonight the Yankees look for a sweep in the final game of this three game set against Seattle. The Bombers have won 7 games in a row both on good pitching and timely hitting. They look to continue that as they send the following lineup out via PeteAbe to face Jason Vargas:

SS Derek Sanderson Jeter

LF Johnny David Damon

1B Mark Charles Teixeira

3B Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez

2B Robinson Jose Cano

RF Nick Thompson Swisher

DH Hideki Matsui (松井 秀喜)

CF Melky Astacio Cabrera

C Fransisco Cervelli

And on the hill, Carsten Charles Sabathia

CC Sabathia

The big man looks to help stretch the Yankees winning streak to 8

The 2nd Coming

You may have already heard that Aroldis Chapman defected from Cuba. He is a 21 year old, left handed pitcher. According to many baseball scouts he is extremely talented, and will be probably spark a bidding war between many major league teams now that he is a free agent. Buster Olney of ESPN wrote an article on Chapman calling him the left handed Strasburg, below is an excerpt, for the full article click here.

To put his talent in perspective: Some evaluators view Chapman as a left-handed Stephen Strasburg. “He’s pretty special,” said one official. He has a fastball clocked at 101 or 102 MPH, and a plus curveball and plus slider, to use the scouts’ vernacular. But unlike Strasburg, his market will not be restricted to the one team that drafted him. It may be about six months before his situation is settled to the point where teams will be able to make bids. But when that can happen, you can expect a Daisuke Matsuzaka-like feeding frenzy to ensue. Jose Contreras signed a $32 million deal with the Yankees earlier this decade, but he was much older than Chapman. Matsuzaka was 25-years-old when the Boston Red Sox committed $103 million in a posting fee and contract to sign him. Chapman’s situation is incredibly unique, because he’s so young, so talented — all of his best years presumably in front of him — and so well known among evaluators.

I don’t really know much about Chapman so I can’t really offer much opinion on the subject, but I’ll tell you this: If the Yankees sign him and he turns into just another Jose Contreas all Yankees fans (myself included) will be extremely angry at the front office. If Chapman goes to the Red Sox and turns out to be all that his hype says he is, once again all Yankee fans will be upset at the front office. So Brian Cashman and Co. better do their homework on this guy.

Vote Teixeira

Voting for the All Star Game ends tonight at 11:59 pm, and you can make a difference in the race. Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis have been in a back and forth race for a while now, and the latest update is that Youkilis re-took the lead for starting first base man (over Teixeira) by about 40,000 votes. If enough people vote for Teixeira (you can vote a max of 25 times per e-mail address) Teixeira could easily overcome Youkillis to become the starting first base man in this year’s All Star Game. Also, when/if  you go to vote, may I suggest you also vote for Ian Kinsler who has a slim lead over Dustin Pedroia (you don’t want to see him right?). Vote here.

2 thoughts on “Game 78: Mariners at Yankees

  1. I’m definitely voting for Teixeira tonight! Also I really do hope they sweep the Mariners because not only would it be their 8th win in a row it would be their second sweep in a row. Let’s Go Yankees!

  2. Thanks Chris!! I will enjoy the game Sunday versus the Blue Jays no matter what the outcome between Scott Richmond and Joba Chamberlain as the probable starters at this moment but I am going to miss watching the July 4th game! How did Tom predict that the Yankees would lose yesterday night and the Yankees will be three games behind the Boston Red Sox in the standings at this moment!!

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