Game 77: Mariners at Yankees

Last night the Yankees defeated the Mariners by the score of 8-5. Going into the fifth the Yankees were leading 3-1, but Joba allowed 2 more runs to score and had to leave after just 5.1 innings. A-Rod hit a clutch 2 run home run int 7th to put the Yankees up 5-3. Then in the 8th Brian Bruney came in and allowed 2 runs, making it a tie game again, 5-5. Then in the bottom of the 8th the Yankees scored 3 runs, the big hit, a RBI double, coming off who else but Melky Cabrera’s bat. So going into the 9th the Yankees led 8-5, and Mariano Rivera picked up his 501th save to keep the score that way. Tonight the Yankees look to take game 2 of the series, and to clinch a series win. As the Yanks look for that win they send out the following lineup via PeteAbe:

SS Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

DH Alex Rodriguez

C Jorge Posada

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

CF Melky Cabrera

3B Cody Ransom

And on the mound, Andy Pettitte

Pena sent down

Ramiro Pena was optioned down to Scranton Wilkes-Barre tonight, which means Eric Hinske was probably officially put on the 25 man roster. At first I wondered, “If Hinske is here, why is Ransom playing third tonight?” Supposedly Hinske is not a good third baseman, despite the fact that Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi said Hinske can play third. Well, maybe he will pinch hit for Cody tonight.

What’s up with Joba?

River Ave Blues has a good article about Joba Chamberlain and his inconsistencies, including the velocity of his fastball. Check it out.

Coors Field East?

Tristan H. Cockcroft of ESPN has a story up about the new Yankee Stadium and all the home runs that have been hit there. According to him, 12 home runs have been hit at the new place that would not have been hit at the old place. However, what I find interesting is that he says that there have been 7 non-home runs hit in the new stadium, that would have been home runs in the old Yankee Stadium. So if his numbers are correct, the new stadium has only produced 5 extra home runs. You should read the full article for some very interesting information, here it is.

6 thoughts on “Game 77: Mariners at Yankees

  1. Pena is good but Hinske is better so Pena will be in the minors honing his craft until the Yankees need him again. Hopefully acquiring a bat will help Cervelli’s chances of staying in the big leagues. The Baby Bombers are hot right now so hopefully the Bronx Bombers can get hot as well. By the way SI has won 4 in a row and now has a record of 5 – 6. It’s all in a new post on my blog, be sure to check it out!

    • I doubt acquiring Hinske will have any impact on Cervelli. It’s not like Hinske can catch, so Molina is still set to return, and when he does someone has to go down. The only choice for that someone is really Cervelli considering that Tomko has been pitching well. It stinks, but Cervelli needs regular playing time.

  2. Who should be the Yankees eighth inning guy to setup for Mariano Rivera? Is it Brian Bruney or is it Phil Hughes who is now a reliever for this season!! I am happy that the Yankees won their seventh straight game!! But I feel bad for Xavier Nady who is going to miss the rest 0f the season with his second Tommy John surgery!!! I love Francisco Cervelli game calling skills and his defense and good speed for a catcher but the Yankees will have a dilemma when Jose Molina come back from his quadriceps injury!!!

    • I say that the 8th inning job is still Brian Bruney’s. He is coming off an injury, so for now we can chalk his ineffectiveness up to the injury. However, if he continues to struggle the Yankees will have to look at other people (Hughes, Coke, Huston Street trade?).

      • I am not saying Hinske will catch. What I am saying is Cervelli is a great backstop but isn’t exactly a great hitting catcher. He is a switch hitter and that does make him better than most catchers but let’s face it he’s not known for his bat. So if Hinske is in the lineup Cervelli isn’t expected to do as much at the plate and the pressure will be off him and he might even hit better. I obviously like Francisco and want him in the Majors, I might even start a campaign for him. Ha Ha. Maybe… You never know!

        • I get your point with the idea with pressure taken off him, but I still don’t think Cervelli is staying with this team once Molina comes back.

          By the way, Cervelli is not a switch-hitter, maybe you confused him with Ramiro Pena.

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