What’s Wrong With The Yankees?

Since being swept by Boston in a series taking place on June 9-11, the Yankees have played 10 games. Out of those 10 games they have only won 4 games, and 1 of them was a freebie in which Luis Castillo dropped a pop up to blow the game for the Mets. 4 out of 10 might be good as far as batting average goes but it is not a good rate for a ball club to win games at. So basically the Yankees have earned 3 wins (the win in the game where Luis Castillo dropped the ball was not earned in my opinion) in their last 13 games, including the Boston series.  So, what is actually wrong with the Yankees?

The Pitching

Nope. The Yankees problem is not their pitching. Over the course of the 13 aforementioned games, the Yankees pitchers hold a 3.89 ERA. So pitching is not to blame.


Maybe. Over those 13 games the Yankees have made 7 errors. During the Boston series, the Yankees had an error in every game. However since then they have improved, in the Nationals and Marlins series combined the Yankees only made 1 error. So I think the defense hurt the Yankees in the Boston series, but hasn’t been as costly since.


Bingo, we have found the problem. Over those 13 games the Yankees are averaging 4 runs a game, but those numbers are a little skewed considering the 15 run outburst against Johan Santana and the Mets, so the real average should be even lower. Over those 13 games the Yankees are hitting .240 with a .326 OBP, and they are hitting .238 with runners in scoring position (.194 if you don’t count the 15 run game.) Previous to these 13 games the Yankees were averaging 5.7 runs a game, and they were hitting .277 with a .356 OBP. With runners in scoring position the Yankees were hitting .266. So we have found the problem with the Yankees, and although this problem was fairly obvious, at least we have some numbers to back it up.

The Solution

Unfortunately, I have no solution. The only thing I can think of is to shake up the lineup. Here’s my suggestion:

CF Brett Gardner

LF Johnny Damon

RF Nick Swisher

3B Alex Rodriguez

1B Mark Teixeira

SS Derek Jeter

2B Robinson Cano

C Francisco Cervelli/Jorge Posada

Pitcher (Insert name here) Joba is pitching tonight


I know the lineup is a bit strange and will probably never happen considering I put Jeter in the 6 hole. I mean no offense to any player that I may have moved down in the order, I just feel that this lineup would really mix things up and could actually be effective. While I don’t see that lineup ever happening, I do hope to see some shakeups. Please Joe Girardi, shake up the lineup. By the way, feel free to comment on your suggestions which could mean lineup suggestions if you wish.

Also, I would like to wish Phil Hughes a happy 23rd birthday! They grow up so fast, okay maybe they don’t considering he is only 23. You have a bright future young kid, we still see you as a number 1-3 starter.

10 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Yankees?

  1. Usually a beating from Boston strenghtens their spirits and they play with a grudge but this team is weary and they need smething to get them going again. Maybe getting out of inter-league play will put them back on track with their winning ways and bring first place back where it belongs. THE BRONX!

    • I hope so, but it really looks like that series in Boston is still affecting them. They aren’t playing with the fire they had in the beginning of the year, they look apathetic, almost complacent with themselves despite the fact that they are playing terrible.

  2. With the way the 1 – 3 starters are pitching for the Yankees Phil Hughes probably has a better shot than he thinks.

    • I really don’t know what you mean by saying that the 1-3 starters are pitching poorly. I’m not even going to bother with this comment.

      PS. Sorry for no game post. However, I will have a game recap instead.

      • I agree with you Chris about Riz statement!! I am not so sure about Chien-Ming Wang or Phil Hughes in the rotation!! I admitted I want to see Hughes do well as a starter because it was Brian Cashman refuses to trade away Phil Hughes for Johan Santana two offseasons ago!!!

  3. Phil Hughes could be a future ace or a number two starter in my opinion and he is only 23 years old!! I never thought in my mind that Phil Hughes could dialed 95 or 96 mph on his fastball in his bullpen but Phil Hughes got a nasty curveball when it is on or a improved cutter along with his fastball!!

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