Game 70: Yankees at Braves

The Yankees have played their last two series against the Nationals, and the Marlins. They have lost both series, going 2-4. The Yankees have not looked very good lately, and surprisingly it’s more their hitting than their pitching that has looked bad. For the most part the Yankees pitching has been pretty good, minus some bullpen appearances (cough…Brett Tomko…cough) and CC Sabathia who had to leave Sunday’s game in the second inning. The good thing about baseball is that there are many games left in the season, and the Yankees still have time to get back on track. Tonight, they look to do just that as they send the following lineup via PeteAbe out to face Tommy Hanson, the highly touted Braves prospect who has looked good in his first 3 major league games (4.08 ERA):

SS Derek Jeter

RF Nick Swisher

1B Mark Teixeira

2B Robinson Cano

C Jorge Posada

LF Melky Cabrera

CF Brett Gardner

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Chien-Ming Wang looks to go out and solidify his rotation spot after a fairly good outing last time out against the Nationals in which he would have only given up 1 run if it wasn't for a bad play by Ramiro Pena, and a blown call by the first base umpire. Oh well, no need for excuses. "Go get em Chien-Ming!"

Chien-Ming Wang looks to go out and solidify his rotation spot after a fairly good outing last time out against the Nationals in which he would have only given up 1 run if it wasn't for a bad play by Ramiro Pena, and a blown call by the first base umpire. Oh well, no need for excuses. "Go get em Chien-Ming!"

Damon still day-today

Johnny is on the bench today still nursing that pain in his calf. He is day-to-day and can pinch hit tonight if necessary.

CC still in question

After being removed from Sunday’s game in the 2nd inning, CC took yesterday off, today he received treatment, and tomorrow he will throw a bullpen session. At first he was said to have “left biceps tendinitis” now it’s being called a sore arm. When asked whether or not he thought this was a result of throwing 253 innings last year, CC said, “No, that’s not it, It could be the 120 pitches this year.” To me that is code for, “Yeah Joe has been using me a bit too much this year, and I feel that is the reason why I have this issue right now.” Take it as you want, but if the extra pitches towards the end of his pitched games this season is the reason CC has this “sore arm”, then Joe Girardi has seemingly made two mistakes in handling prized players (Alex not getting days off, and now CC). However, it is not right for me to point fingers, because nobody except for the Yankees themselves know why CC has a “sore arm.”

Give us a break

On Sunday, the Marlins had a mistake with their lineup and defensive positioning. The Yankees played the rest of the game in protest. If the protest was won the Yankees would have been able to replay the game from the point where the Marlins made the mistake. However, as expected MLB denied the Yankees protest.

Scott Proctor, a recovering alcoholic

Tyler Kepner has an interesting article about Scott Proctor. The article contains many things, that we as Yanke fans had no idea were going on. Make sure you read the article, it is very interesting.

Flip Flop Fly Ball

Thanks to River Ave Blues, I just discovered a great baseball website. The name of the site is Flip Flop Fly Ball, and it is run by Craig Robinson. What he basically does is create infographs relating to interesting baseball information. It is a great site, and a must read for all baseball fans.

Cody Ransom will be back

Cody will be back with the big club tomorrow according to PeteAbe. Either Berroa will be DFA or Pena optioned down. I really hope Berroa gets the axe, I feel like I have something against him that I was born with. It’s weird.

Batting Stances Guy

Whether you have heard of him or not, the batting stances guy is a dude who mimics hundreds of ballplayers’ batting stances. In my opinion, he is funny to watch, but he kind of over-exaggerates players’ stances, which I guess he means to do. Anyway, the other day I saw a video of him doing the 2009 Yankees batting stances, and I thought I’d share it with you.

By the way, 161st Street is on Twitter

However, I will not be posting excessively like some people do. I just plan on having automatic “tweets” whenever I create a new blog post. So, the real reason 161st Street is on Twitter is to make the blog more accessible to people who are on Twitter very often. Here’s the link, in case you are a “Twitter” or whatever a user of Twitter is called.

Sorry for not posting a new edition of “Off Day Musings”. I did not have computer access yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Game 70: Yankees at Braves

  1. Nice Vid of Batting Stance man. I’ve seen him a few times on MLB Network. I see you’ve used that Wang pic again, I know you like it. Justin Wang might not be in Atlanta tonight but he may be the shot in the arm that this troubled Yankees starter desperately needs. Let’s Go Yanks! SI and NY!

  2. Hanson is great but it still isn’t right what they did to Glavine to keep Hanson in the rotation. Glavine had a Minor League start filled up the park then they cut him. Bad move by Atlanta. That’s no way to treat your veterans!

  3. Chien-Ming Wang gave up three runs in six innings of work with only 62 pitches but the Yankees offense is struggling right now!! Even though is the Braves top prospect Tommy Hanson wasn’t very impressive!! The Yankees let Hanson off the hook so many times this game by not getting a clutch hit with runners in scoring position!!!

    • Wang only went 5 innings. At the pace he was at in the AL he would have went at least 7 innings. This is why the NL bothers me so much. Enough with the purists. Anyway, the Yankees had their chances with Tommy Hanson but they screwed up. Pretty disappointing, but “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

      • The Yankees lost 4-0 to the Braves!! This is getting so frustrating!! The Yankees lack of execution and getting hits with runners in scoring position and letting Tommy Hanson off the hook!!! I am venting at the frustration and not even Hughes pitch well the Yankees would have won this!!!

        • Right now, the Yankees problem is not the pitching, it’s the offense and there really is no external way to improve that. On paper the Yankees offense is great, it’s just that almost every player is going through a slump at the same time. Plus, their have been other stupid reasons that the Yankees have not won lately. Frustrating…

  4. The 9 NL games in a row killed any momentum that they could’ve had to make a surge in the AL East. Wang had a great outing last night but stupid NL rules made his record go to 0 – 6. There’s been a debate about DH or no DH and after what happened last night with Wang I am glad I am an AL fan.

    • These 9 NL games were supposed to be free wins. It’s not like they have played any good teams, they have played the Mets, Nats, Marlins, Braves, and are going to play the Mets again. All of those teams stink.

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