Game 62: Mets at Yankees


The game post will not be like usual today, because by the time the lineup is announced I will not have a computer near me. So, I will just give my thoughts on last night’s game, and post a few links. Well, where to begin. Last night Joba came out looking good, his slider was devastating. However, he fell into trouble with command and was not able to start the fifth. After the game, when reporters were talking to him, his three year old son said, “Daddy, you didn’t throw strikes.” I read that on Pete Abe’s blog, by the way. Isn’t that really funny, I mean the kid is three years old! Anyway, I’m not going to sum up the whole game, but I will say that Matsui hit a 3 run home run last night on his 35th birthday, last year on his 34th birthday he hit a grandslam. Mo came in in the 8th with 2 outs, at the time it was a 7-7 game, but he walked Beltran and then allowed a double to David Wright to make it 8-7 Mets. In the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs, Jeter on 2nd, and Teix on 1st, Arod hit a routine pop up to 2nd base. It looked like the end, Arod even slamed his bat down in frustration, but it was just the beginning. Luis Castillo ended up dropping the ball and both Jeter and Teix. The real reason they won was that Teixeira hustled all the way from first base to score, today we don’t see many players do that. Well, anyway so the Yankees won 9-8.



That’s it for the links. I’ll be watching the game (hopefully) today at 4:00 on FOX. It will be Andy Petitte up against Fernando Nieve filling in for the injured John Maine.

3 thoughts on “Game 62: Mets at Yankees

  1. THE YAAAANKEES WIN! THEEEEEEE YAAAANKEES WIN! Sterling was definitely shaking last night as the Yankees won in dramatic fashion. As the paper said this morning You can’t spell Mets without the E and I am keeping about every paper delivered to my house this morning because each and everyone of them is abusing the Mets! I was going nuts last night when I saw that and we now know who are the Kings of New York!

  2. Who is this Fernando Nieve? The Yankees lost to the Mets 6–2!! Andy Pettitte wasn’t dandy today but I accept it because he is a fourth starter now but his stuff is not as good as used to be but he battled most of the time but he allowed five runs in five innings throwing a lot of pitches!! The Yankees always have trouble with pitchers they have never seen before!! I hope finally A.J. Burnett is dominant in a start versus the ace lefthander of the Mets named Johan Santana tomorrow afternoon!!

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