Quick Reminder: The draft is tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 9th is the first day of the amateur draft. You can watch the draft on MLB Network starting a 6:00 pm (eastern time). It should be fun to watch the first few rounds, but after that I for one will probably get bored. Stephen Strasburg is highly expected to be the number 1 overall pick by the Nats, but there are many questions after that about who will pick who. The Yankees have the 29th overall pick, one pick behind the Red Sox. Who the Yanks will pick remains to been seen but they have been linked to numerous names including Matt Purke, David Renfroe, Brett Jackson, Slade Heathcott, and more. All we can do is wait and see, but you have understand not only the first few picks can turn out to be stars. For example, Don Mattingly was picked in in the 19th round, 493rd overall.

4 thoughts on “Quick Reminder: The draft is tomorrow

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  2. I have not followed this well in years past so hope that this blog and others do a nice job in summarizing and forecasting the results. Go Yanks!!!

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