It’s Tough To Pitch When You Have Been Vommiting Repeatedly

On Saturday, Mo came into the game in the 9th inning. It was a tie game at the time, but Mo ended up giving up 4 runs and the Yankees went on to lose the game. After the game some people freaked out and thought that Mo was too old and that he was done, others blamed it on the fact that Mo doesn’t really pitch well in tie games, and others like me thought we were just experiencing Mo’s annual trip back down to Earth. Many people had many different thoughts, but I don’t think anyone would have though of this. According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, a teammate said Mo was not feeling well.

For several hours before Rivera took the ball Saturday afternoon in that tie game, he’d suffered with a stomach ailment that brought aches and repeated vomiting, according to one Yankee. Rivera had rolled off the trainer’s table, where he’d hoped to sleep it off, and into the bullpen in the eighth inning, when he began to warm up.

Mo being the type of guy he is, did not tell anyone that he was sick. He just went out there and gave it all he could. Well, it did not work out in that situation and if I was the manager and had known about this illness I would definitely not have put Mo in. It’s up to personal opinion whether you think what Mo did was the right thing. However, he did do the right thing by not making excuses after the game. He did not let the media know that he was ill, and he just took the loss like a man. Well, he must have been feeling better the next day (Sunday) because he came in in the 9th and got a 1-2-3 save.


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