Perfect For 17 Games

SCBBGL1X2BB_THAnd counting. The Yankees have not made an error in their last 17 games, tying the major league record for consecutive games without an error set by Boston in 2006. Mark Teixeira and solid pitching are a big reason for the error-less streak. It is no coincidance that the Yankees have been winning during this streak. Hopefully, the Yankees can go out tomorrow and come out the final game of the series with a win and extend the streak to 18 for the all time MLB record.

Mark Teixeira Field

5 thoughts on “Perfect For 17 Games

  1. They tied the MLB record for errorless games! Tomorrow they’ll try to break the record and gain some ground on the SECOND place Red Sox. I can’t say that enough.

  2. Me too!! Tomorrow pitching matchup seems to favor the Yankees with Joba Chamberlain pitching against Jeremy Sowers of the Cleveland Indians but I am not 100% certain with young pitchers stuff and location from a given start to start!!

  3. I heard in the past the Yankees got trouble with pitchers they have never seen before but I think the Yankees saw him two years ago to my knowledge!! I hate Carl American Idle Pavano forever!!

  4. Yes, historically the Yankees have had much trouble with mediocre pitchers they have never seen before. Not to much this year, but in the past a rookie who was not too good but threw with his left hand and had never faced the Yanks, basically meant a no doubt loss for the Yankees.

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