Game 50: Yankees at Indians

Today’s game starts early, 12:40 to be exact. Phil Hughes looks to repeat his last start, and further solidify his role in the starting rotation. Chien-Ming Wang ,however, sits in the bullpen waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Andy Pettitte still says he will make his next start, but Joe Girardi is not ready to say so yet. Anyway, here’s the Yanks starting lineup via PeteAbe:

SS Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

DH Hideki Matsui

RF Nick Swisher

CF Brett Gardner

C Francisco Cervelli

And on the hill, Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes

“Just a day off”

Jorge Posada is just taking a day off tonight, because today is a day game after a night game.

Melky should come back tomorrow

According to Joe Girardi, Melky Cabrera should be back on the field tomorrow. Where, he said he doesn’t know yet.

7 thoughts on “Game 50: Yankees at Indians

  1. Phil Hughes gave up a few runs but pitched pretty well over all. He had 6 strikeouts, no walks but plunked two hitters. Chien-Ming Wang came in in the sixth inning and looked great pitching in relief. If you ask me Wang should be the new set up guy since Joba is a starter now and Bruney’s still on the DL Wang looks like a pretty good option as he’s looked great in all of his relief stints this season.

  2. I hope you are kidding that Wang should be the set up man, LOL. Anyway, I think we can make a comeback on Cleveland’s pen. Why did they take Pavano out, he was at like 80 pitches?

  3. Unfortunately the Yankees lost 5-4 to the Indians on a walkoff double by Jonny Peralta of the Indians off Dave Robertson but the main culprit is Phil Coke who walked Trevor Crowe of the Indians with the leadoff walk!! Phil Coke is now 1-3 this year his record!!

  4. Phil Coke isn’t a starter so his record is nowhere near as important as someone like CC Sabathia, so who the hell cares about a relievers record? The Yankees suffered a tough one today but stretched their errorless streak and they still have a 1/2 game lead over Boston. I hope two things happen in tomorrow’s season finale: 1) They need to break the MLB errorless game streak and 2) They need to put some room between them & Boston in the AL East standings.

  5. Gardner did really prematurely end an inning by not stealing in that spot. The pitcher that was on the mound had like the highest stolen base percentage against him or something. It’s just a rookie mistake just like the mistake Coke made by walking the leadoff man luckily it didn’t drop them in the standings so they’ll go out there and try again tomorrow.

  6. But the Yankees are still 1/2 game ahead of the Boston Red Sox at this moment!! But games are sometimes decided by the bullpen!! The Yankees should have stolen second base with Brett Gardner out there but where was the stolen base sign or hit and run sign!!

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