Injury Bug Hitting Yanks Hard

Lately it seems like the Yankees can’t even go a game without someone getting injured. Building injuries like this can really hurt a team, but let’s hope the team pulls through them. Let’s take a look at each injured player.

Chan Ho Park

Park strained his right hamstring on April 15th and has been on the 15-day DL since then. Fortunately, it looks like he may not be there much longer. According to Chad Jennings, Park through 45 pitches in a bullpen session yesterday and is scheduled to do the same tomorrow. This is big step in his recovery, and if all goes well with Park I would expect him back in a week or so.

Curtis Granderson

Granderson was placed on the 15-day DL on May 1st with a grade 2 strain of his left groin. I’ll turn it over to Will Carroll of “Under The Knife” to describe Granderson’s injury…

The Yankees will be without Granderson for about a month with a Grade II groin strain. That’s a reasonable time frame no matter which way you go with the estimate. On one side, you could be optimistic and say that Granderson’s conditioning and strength will help him get back in two to four weeks. On the other hand, caution and some normal setbacks could push it to four to six weeks. There’s not really much more here to clarify; Granderson has a simple groin strain. Until he begins to jog or run, probably mid-month, we won’t know anything new.

I could see Granderson being out for quite a while because he is a player who really relies on his legs and the Yankees won’t want to rush him back and risk a much worse injury.

Jorge Posada

Posada has been staying on the bench lately with mild calf strain. According to Chad Jennings, Posada said yesterday that he expects to play today. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees give some extra time to recover.

Mariano Rivera

Rivera has sat out since April 30th with stiffness in his left side, but he appears to be ready to return to action. He was available last night out of the bullpen, although he didn’t see any action. He did however throw in the bullpen during the game, so it seems as if he is not really an issue anymore.

Andy Pettitte

Pettitte last pitched May 5th before he had to prematurely leave that game with stiffness and mild inflammation in his left arm around his elbow. Whenever you hear news like this about a pitcher you have to be worried. Fortunately, the Yankees have so far deemed Pettitte healthy enough not to put him on the DL. Pettitte is scheduled to miss his next start and for now Sergio Mitre will take his spot in the rotation. Hopefully Mitre will only have to make one start and then Pettitte will go back into the rotation.

Nick Johnson

Johnson left last night’s game with a sore right wrist and is headed for the DL. Johnson is scheduled to undergo tests today in New York, and we will hopefully know more after then. Johnson’s right wrist is the same wrist that he injured in 2008 and kept him out for most of the season. Hopefully this isn’t as serious.

Robinson Cano

Cano was hit by a pitch from Josh Beckett on his left knee. Cano left the game shortly after with a bruise on his knee but is not scheduled for any further testing. Don’t expect Cano to play today, but for now it doesn’t look like he’ll be out for an extended period of time.

Roster Moves

With injuries usually come roster moves, and we should be seeing some moves today. While I can’t say for sure what the Yankees will do, I think they will call up Kevin Russo to be the backup infielder with Ramiro Pena as the starting second baseman for now. If the Yankees want to play it safe in the outfield they could recall Greg Golson who was sent down before yesterday’s game. While players usually have to wait 10 days in the minors before they can be called up again, with Nick Johnson going on the DL the Yankees can bring Golson right back up if they wish. If they decide to the call up Golson then he would take Johnson’s roster spot, and they could send Boone Logan or David Robertson down and use that spot to call up Kevin Russo.

"Call Doctor Robert, we need his help."


Kevin Russo has indeed been called up. Robinson Cano is back in the lineup today as the DH according to Chad Jennings. Jennings also reports that Nick Johnson has a torn tendon in his wrist, I’m no doctor, but I’d expect him to be out for a few months if this is the case.

2nd Update

Looking back at Jennings’ post, it appears he has changed Nick Johnson’s torn tendon, to Nick Johnson’s inflamed tendon. That’s good news.

7 thoughts on “Injury Bug Hitting Yanks Hard

  1. Kevin Russo got called up today to take the roster spot of the injured Nick Johnson who is headed to the 15-day D.L. Chris. I really hate Josh Beckett. I am not complaining about injuries. Every team in baseball deal with the same thing. If you want to become a championship team or making the playoffs you have to overcome injuries.

    • I figured Russo would get the call. I hope he gets at least one start while he is up here. You’re right, all teams deal with injuries. But, lately the amount of injuries the Yankees have had to deal with is 2009 Mets-esque. Anyway, I just hope they get through the injuries alright.

  2. I am not worry. This is the Yankees training staff that they are dealing with. I don’t got trust if I was a Mets fan with their injuries and their training staff! And anyway let just enjoy the game today and see hopefully a Yankees win today.

  3. The Yankees won another series Chris. No worry! The Yankees won 14-3! Alfredo Aceves was the winner. Now the Yankees are 21-8. The Yankees will try to goes for the sweep tomorrow night on ESPN with A.J. Burnett on the mound at Fenway Park!

    • Yeah, another series win. As long as they can keep winning series they will be in a great situation.

      Unfortunately, Aceves left the game with a back issue. Fortunately, he should only be out for a few days.

  4. That too bad! I hate minor nagging injuries but it is part of the game. Oh well I wasn’t shocked that Nick Johnson went on the 15 day D.L. today because of his past career D.L. trips like nine or ten already in his career. Javy Vazquez is now pitching on Tuesday with Sergio Mitre on Monday. It is only May. I rather be cautious with Andy Pettitte early in the season. If this was late in the season Andy Pettitte wasn’t pitching then I will get annoyed.

  5. Yes these injuries are bad but not debilitating to the team. They still have 21 wins and are a half game behind Tampa Bay. Chan Ho Park’s absence hasn’t affected them, Nick Johnson out of the lineup certainly will not affect them, Cano DH’ed today, Pettitte is only missing a start (& 9/10 times he’s reliable), Granderson has been replaced by Gardner in center, and for Mariano River, Joba Chamberlain is getting some practice for his future job. I’ve been seeing all of these headlines about the Yankees injuries and I mentioned it in my post. I don’t think it’s that big of a problem. Look at the 2009 Mets, now that was an injury problem. This is when you see what teams are made of. When some players are hurt, can they still win? If yes then this is a championship caliber team.

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