Game 1: Yankees at Red Sox

Opening Night is finally here. It will be great to see the Yankees play a meaningful game after a long offseason. The Yankees will be in Boston tonight as they take on their biggest rival in a game that will surely be overblown by the media. Anyway, here is the projected starting lineup for the Yankees…

SS Derek Jeter

DH Nick Johnson

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

C Jorge Posada

CF Curtis Granderson

RF Nick Swisher

LF Brett Gardner

SP CC Sabathia

Time/TV: 8:05 p.m., YES/ESPN2

Weather: Mostly sunny, 65º F via The Weather Channel.

Injury Updates: Alfredo Aceves and Nick Johnson should be good to go for tonight, there haven’t been many updates regarding Damaso Marte so he is questionable.

P.S. The reason I used my projected lineup is because I won’t have a computer available to blog with later, but I wanted to do a game post.

9 thoughts on “Game 1: Yankees at Red Sox

  1. Damaso Marte is on the active roster Chris! And anyway it is Opening Night! It is about winning series! It is right on!

  2. I am not that upset about the loss! I am disappointed with Park performance but it was an entertaining game! It is now about winning series like taking two out of three! I know it is Yankees versus Red Sox but take it easy with the panicking in the papers! I know C.C. Sabathia is a slow starter in April! But bullpens are volatile! I know some guy in the bullpen will be replace during the season! So let wait and see for a few months before we panick about the Yankees!

  3. The Yankee bullpen was horrendous last night. Marte and Park should be cut based on their performances last night and what happened to Jorge? If I was #28 Francisco Cervelli would get the start tomorrow night. I know I am being very critical of Opening Night but these are the 27 Time World Champions! We all expected better than this.

    • Oh yeah, you’re right, the Yankees should make decisions based on 1 game. Talk about a small sample size. I’m sorry but your comment is ridiculous. You want to release Marte after one bad game coming off about a week of not pitching so he was bound to be rusty. You know this Marte is the same Marte who was the best reliever for the Yankees not named Rivera during the playoffs last year. And you want to release Chan Ho Park after one bad performance. You know he was pretty good for the Phillies last year out of the pen, and they were NL Champions.

      Regarding Jorge, he has always been a bad defender it’s not like this is something new. His bat is a plus (he was 3-4 last night with 2 RBIs and a walk) and his glove is a minus. Would you rather have had Cervelli last night who would most likely play good defense, but also be very likely to go 0-4?

      The Yankees winning the World Series last year means nothing. This is a new year and a new team.

      Just relax Riz, I know you are passionate about the Yankees but try to be rational, hahaha!

  4. I am a passionate Yankees fan but I know Marte is a good to great lefthanded specialist! I give Chan Ho Park two months to see if it is work or else the Yankees cut him like Latroy Hawkins a few years ago! But I know CC Sabathia is a slow starter! This is a new season! Nobody cares about the past! We just need to move on for the 2010 season! The Yankees just need to win series! I am not panicking! The loss already out of my system!! Move on to game 2 with A.J. Burnett on Tuesday night!!

    • Exactly Steven.

      It’s not too much of a stretch to think the Yankees may get off to a bad start. If you recall last year they had a pretty bad April and still won the World Series. I just want to calm down the fans who are panicking and making irrational statements.

    • I know it is ridiculous but this is New York and my comment did exactly what I intended it to do. It stirred up a conversation and some controversy. This is the New York Yankees and although a different team they are still expected to reach the same goal. I am not panicking and I am very confident with AJ on the hill on Tuesday. 28 here we come! Jorge “Being Known” as a bad defender? That needs to be changed FAST. And as for the pen that also need to be adjusted as the season progresses. Ha it’s always a pleasure to be in the heat of things on 161st street!

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