Game 68: Yankees at Marlins

Tonight as the Yankees take on the Marlins in the 2nd game of the series, we have a interesting pitching match up on hand. Josh Johnson goes for the Marlins, and Allan James Burnett goes for the Yankees. You may ask, why is this interesting? Well, if you remember Burnett used to be a member of the Marlins. In September of 2005, the Marlins lost a game to the Braves, and afterwards A.J. had some interesting comments:

“We played scared. We managed scared. We coached scared,” he said. “I’m sick of it, man. It’s depressing around here. A 3–0 ballgame, I give up one run and leave guys on base, it’s like they expect us to mess up. And when we do, they chew us out. There is no positive, nothing around here for anybody.”

He never made an appearance for the Marlins again, he was suspended by them for the rest of the season, and then signed with the Blue Jays the next year. Wait, it gets more interesting. When the Marlins suspended Burnett, the guy they called up to replace him, tonight’s starting pitcher for the Marlins, Josh Johnson. It’s a small world. Hat tip to PeteAbe for reminding me of the whole story.

Anyway, here is the starting lineup via PeteAbe again, he really has a great blog:

SS Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

C Jorge Posada

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

CF Melky Cabrera

3B Angel Berroa

RHP Allan James Burnett

AJ marlin

By the way the Yankees are not interested in Pedro

According to George King.

3 thoughts on “Game 68: Yankees at Marlins

  1. A.J. threw a no hitter as a Marlin while giving up 9 walks! New Home Opener for the SI Yanks is Thursday night against the Class A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, the Hudson Valley Renegades.

  2. The Yankees lost 2-1 to the Florida Marlins tonight!! It happens Josh Johnson and the Marlins bullpen executed better than A.J. Burnett and the Yankees but Johnny Damon dropped a fly ball that led to the second run for the Marlins!! And Josh Johnson is a pretty good pitcher at that!!!

    • Yeah, at least they were dominated by a pitcher who is actually good, instead of a nobody. It’s never fun to see the Yankees lose, but if it wasn’t for Damon’s error the game would have been very different.

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