Checking in on other blogs: Spring Training, Top 30…

"Despite nonstop blabbering about Joba's weight gain, reports * are that he is throwing the ball better than he did last year." (Reuters)

With Spring Training starting up along with the 2011 baseball season, it is time to check up on some other Yankee blogs.

  • William J. of the newly formed The Yankee Analysts (a merge of the great TYU and Yankeeist) penned a great piece about the history of Yankees Spring Training, dating back 110 years. It’s definitely an interesting read, as it is quite informative. I for one never would have guessed that at some point the Yankees trained in Alabama. Check the post out for more.
  • In case you missed it, Mike Axisa of RAB came out with his annual top 30 prospects list, always worth the read.
  • Earlier this month, Tom of Friday Nite Yanks posted a poll about who most people expected to play in the Bronx in 2011. It doesn’t surprise me that Freddy Garcia won the poll out of the other candidates.
  • Frankie Piliere came out with his list of baseball’s top 100 prospects about a week ago. Five Yankees made the list, check it out to see who and where on the list they fell.

* Joba story.

2011 Season Dawns

"The Yankees journey begins here every year."

Earlier today pitchers and catchers began reporting to their respective training camps throughout Florida and Arizona. Although the weather here in New York hasn’t quite warmed up yet and the piles of snow remind of us the brutal winter and the not so great off-season the Yankees had, before we know it Spring will be upon us. The winter will soon be a distant memory and we will be focussed on a fresh baseball season accompanied by budding plants and and transforming trees.

We have missed baseball dearly, and although it’s probable that nothing too important will happen over the next few weeks, they will still be welcomed with open arms. The 2011 Baseball Season is dawning, and with it a new chance for the Yankees to capture their 28th World Series Championship, and I for one cannot wait. Although the new year officially began on January 1st for many, or maybe on February 3rd for others, for myself it almost feels like it begins today. Baseball is upon us.