Swishing Scissors

I just read an interesting short read from the New York Times on Nick Swisher. It was about how he has been coming to the games five and a half hours before gametime and cuts out pictures from magazines.

“This is all I’ve ever known,” Swisher said.

But sometimes, life around the ballpark can be a little boring. So Swisher busied himself with a project that seemed more suited for a 10-year-old than a major league cleanup hitter.

Around noon, he was sitting cross-legged at his locker with some scissors and a few copies of Yankees Magazine, carefully clipping photos of his teammates. Swisher clipped around the edges of the players, leaving a little outline, and he plans to jumble the pictures together for a collage he will display on the side of his stall.

Swisher plans to keep adding photos as the year goes on, and as early as he arrives, he should have plenty of time to do it.

“That’s what happens when you get here at 10:30 in the morning,” he said.

Pretty funny. This kid must be on cloud nine, he just came from Chicago where he was disliked by Mr. Guillen (who I personally dislike) and now he is batting cleanup for the New York Yankees (and even pitching)!