Andy Pettitte to Retire

"Andy will be saying farewell to Yankees fans tomorrow." (Reuters)

Closing the book on a storied 16-year career, Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement tomorrow at Yankee Stadium. In his 13 years while wearing pinstripes, the southpaw became known for his intimidating stare, tricky pick-off move, unshakable mound presence, likable personality, and his huge big-game performances. Andy was a member of five World Champion Yankee teams over the course of his career. His number 46 will hopefully go down in legacy as that of the great lefty.

Although this is disappointing news for the Yankees, the more I think about it, my sadness is not because of the team’s loss, but because of our loss, as fans, of the ability to watch Andy Pettitte control the mound every fifth day. However, Andy has more than earned his retirement as he provided us with a great and memorable career. We will miss you, but you will not be forgotten. So Andy, enjoy your retirement and your family, and good luck with any future endeavors!

2 thoughts on “Andy Pettitte to Retire

  1. All I have to say Andy Pettitte was a great Yankees and his #46 should be retired in Monument Park. The competition for #4 and #5 spot come down to Freddy Garcia, Sergio Mitre, Bartolo Colon, Ivan Nova, Andrew Brackman?. Along with Hector Noesi, David Phelps and Adam Warren?.

    • Yes, Pettitte’s number should definitely be retired. I don’t think he is a Hall of Famer, but definitely high up on the list of Yankee pitchers.

      There are plenty of people competing for rotation spots as of now, but who knows, while I don’t expect it, there could be more moves made. From the possible candidates that they have right now, I feel that Nova is a lock and Garcia has the upper hand on the last spot.

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