Andy Pettitte, a Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to You

"A Yankee Nation, or Universe, that is." (Getty Images via Daylife)

Andy Pettitte has not given any clear signs on whether he wants to return to the Yankees next season, so it would be best to assume he will retire. However, with all the attractive free agents off the board and no visible trade candidates, Yankee fans have little to do but wait to see if Pettitte will return.

2 thoughts on “Andy Pettitte, a Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to You

  1. It’s been 65 days since their last game and you’re telling me that Andy can’t make his mind up yet? No disrespect to him but this is getting ridiculous! Either retire or play again. He does this every year and it plays out like a bad soap opera.

    • I agree. I understand that family is the most important thing, but you’d think by now that he and his family could make a decision. But who knows, maybe they already have. I guess the Yankees have no real rush, but it would be nice to know as fans.

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