Montero to start in 2011?

"Yankees fan may get used to seeing this man behind the plate." Photo Credit: Stevens of the New York Daily News

This morning we learned via Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News that Jesús Montero will get a serious chance to leave spring training as the Yankees everyday catcher. According to Feinsand, the Yankees brass discussed Montero over the past two days during meeting at Yankee Stadium. Feinsand cites a source who claimed the plan is for Montero to catch approximately 100 games during the upcoming season, with Jorge Posada serving as a designated hitter and a backup catcher, along with Francisco Cervelli. Here’s the most interesting line from the Daily News’ article:

The front office believes that Montero is already a better defensive catcher than the 39-year-old Posada, who has struggled behind the plate – and to stay healthy.

The question is, do the Yankees really feel this way, or is this some kind of ploy to raise Montero’s value for possible trades? I think it’s both. I really do believe that the Yankees believe Montero, whose defense has been a huge question mark, is a more capable defensive catcher than Jorge Posada. Now mind you, that really isn’t a compliment. Still, even if the Yankees feel this way, there is no reason they wouldn’t want to make Montero appear more valuable to potential bidders, especially since the Yankees are in the market for pitching. I’m not saying that the Yankees will definitely trade Montero, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Overall, I would expect to see Jesús Montero take over the everyday catching duties at some point during the 2011 season, if not right out of spring training. I am truly excited to see him play in the Bronx.

4 thoughts on “Montero to start in 2011?

  1. I honestly believe that Montero is going to be a special player and they should not even think about trading him. If they need a chip to trade for pitching then they should trade Romine. Let Montero work with Posada like Girardi worked with Posada in the 90’s.
    One of the things I worry about with Posada being Montero’s mentor is Posada is very snarky kind of guy so you have to wonder how hard he will work as a mentor and he always moans about being a DH. Well Jorge, you need to get use to it because no one wants to see your lack of catching skills anymore.

    • I agree, I would be greatly upset if the Yankees traded Montero, and while I don’t think they will, there are no guarantees. I do feel that Montero should get the bulk of the catching duties this year, and if Posada doesn’t help him adjust, there’s always Tony Pena and Joe Girardi.

      While I agree there may be no reason to have Jorge catching anymore given his decreased skills, we cannot expect Montero to be much better. If he puts up adequate defense, I would be more than happy. Overall, I am very excited that the Jesus era may soon be upon us.

  2. And anyway Jorge Posada got surgery to repair his torn knee Chris today. Jorge Posada will be the DH. Austin Romine, Jesus Montero and Francisco Cervelli will get most of the action in Spring Training at catcher. I want to see Jesus Montero defense improve and be adequate enough for the major leagues because I know already about his bat.

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