2010 was not their year, but the future is bright

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers who outplayed the Yankees for almost the entire series. But more importantly, thank you to the New York Yankees for provided yet another wonderful season. Obviously the Yankees can’t win the World Series every year, that would take the excitement out of watching them. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy with the team if they don’t win the championship. I loved watching the 2010 Yankees from the first pitch in April to the final pitch last night, and I’m certainly going to miss them throughout the offseason. However, looking ahead 2011 could be a very bright year. The Yankees’ farm system is progressing excellently and Jesus Montero is expected to make his major league debut next season. In addition, we can be sure that Brian Cashman and the Yankee owners will do everything possible to improve the team this offseason, which could mean we could see a new pitcher in pinstripes. Overall, I’m happy with the 2010 Yankees, the season was a ton of fun, and I’m excited about the 2011 Yankees. Number 28 in 2011!

5 thoughts on “2010 was not their year, but the future is bright

  1. I agree. But there will be changes. Such as getting Cliff Lee? Will Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter resign. Or will the Yankees goes after Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth?

    • Of course there will be changes, but that’s not because the current team is incapable of winning. I sure hope that the Yankees can sign Cliff Lee. I can’t imagine Jeter no resigning, but I’m not sure about Pettitte (but I’d like him back). As far as position players go, such as Crawford or Werth, I hope they don’t sign anyone like that because the outfield is in good shape as it is and the slight upgrade would not be worth the tremendous price, in my opinion.

  2. I know. Just got outplayed, outpitches, outhit with RISP especially with two outs. Looking forward to next season. Hope they don’t trade the farm system away unless it is high end pitching in a trade market. And the only one is Zack Greinke and he got anxiety disorder and that won’t work in New York City I think and he got a no trade clause to the New York Yankees. The offseason will be interesting along with the makeup of the bench.

  3. I think Andy wants to come back mentally but physically it may not be in the cards. Still we can hope. Jeter will re-sign but Posada’s defensive skills are diminishing and we expect Vazquez to leave so at least 1 (if not 2) more starters are needed. Cashman will have his usual work to do this winter but you had a good ending post Chris. Here’s to 2011!

    • That’s a good point of view on the Pettitte situation. Even if he wants to come back, is he still in the physical shape to do so? I want to say yes, but considering the injury he suffered during the season and the fact that he was hurt during the postseason, the issue becomes much more cloudy.

      Of course Posada’s defensive skills are rapidly declining, but let’s remember he was never a great defensive catcher. While Posada is still under contract for the 2011 season, it will be extremely interesting to see what the Yankees do when he becomes a free agent. But let’s not worry about that yet.

      And you’re right, Cashman has his work cut out for him this offseason, but I have full trust in him and I think he will do all that is possible to improve the team.

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