“We haven’t lost yet.”

Those are the words of Mariano Rivera, and they couldn’t be more true. Sure, the Yankees are in a “win or go home” position, as Joe Girardi said, but this series is not over. The Yankees need to put all of their focus into winning today, and we as fans have to stop complaining and moaning and start rooting our team on. We are the greatest fans in baseball, aren’t we? Let’s go Yankees!

5 thoughts on ““We haven’t lost yet.”

  1. I believe. I believe in the New York Yankees can come back. Now three games to two deficit. Just take one game at a time. Focus on Colby Lewis the Texas Rangers starter and Phil Hughes pitching well. The New York Yankees have the capability to come back from this deficit. Like the 1958 New York Yankees who won the World Series after trailing three games to one to win four games to three.

    • Exactly. I’m not even thinking about game seven right now, and neither should the Yankees. I really liked how they played today, knowing it was do or die, and if they continue to play well like they did today, they can win this.

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