The Yankees’ Late Season Skid

"The Yankees have been going through a frustrating stretch of games lately, but the team needs to pick its collective heads up and start playing better baseball soon." Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo Sports

It’s hard not to notice that the Yankees have not been winning a lot of ballgames lately. The Yankees went 16-13 in the month of August, and so far have gone 10-12 in September. So since August 1st, the Yankees have gone 26-25, just one game above .500. Fortunately, it seems that they are all  but a lock for a playoff spot, whether it be by means of winning the division or by winning the wild card. Still, the Yankees don’t appear to be in great shape. Still, is there reason to worry?

I can certainly understand if you are a concerned Yankee fan, and I too am concerned, but I’m just not sure how concerned we should be. We have to keep in mind that for majority of the time the Yankees have gone 26-25, Joe Girardi has not been using the “A” team. It seems like Chad Gaudin has been called upon to come into a big spot countless times lately, and that probably will not happen in the playoffs. On the flip side, Girardi has heavily rested his better relievers like Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson, most likely in preparation for the postseason. Turning the attention away from the bullpen, the position player regulars have not been used as often as usual lately. The bottom line is, Girardi has not been throwing out the “A” team very much lately, and I’m okay with that in this case, but it means the team has not won as many games as it most likely would have under normal circumstances. Fortunately, once the playoffs begin, we should be seeing the “A” team every game, and if we don’t, there is something wrong with the head of the Yankees’ skipper.

While I do not think the Yankees recent struggles is as big a deal as it has been made out to be, I certainly don’t think it is a non-concern. It would inspire a lot of confidence if the Yankees finished up the season strong heading into the postseason.

“Hopefully Mr. Harrison is right, the sun will come up tomorrow.”

5 thoughts on “The Yankees’ Late Season Skid

  1. I know about the Yankees skid. Seen it. A..J. Burnett is 10-15 with a 5.33 E.R.A. and the Yankees paid him to be a #2 starter. A.J. Burnett is pitching like a bad number five or six starter since May. If the Yankees make it to the A.L.D.S. I hope the Yankees use three starters. CC Sabathia, then Andy Pettitte, and then Phil Hughes if game 4 is necessary use CC Sabathia on three days of rest and then Andy Pettitte in the fifth game.

    • You’re right, A.J. Burnett has been awful. But what can they do? They have too much of a commitment to him to just not pitch him, and there is zero chance he would ever draw trade requests. In the ALDS the Yankees should be able to use three starting pitchers, and if they face Minnesota I would actually like to see Hughes as the second starter and Pettitte as the third, only because that way Hughes would be pitching in Minnesota instead of New York (helping out his home run problem).

      However, if they make it to the ALCS the schedule would not allow for only three starters, meaning A.J. would probably need to start.

  2. I know in the A.L.C.S. you need a fourth starter. The matchup in the A.L.D.S. haven’t been determined yet. I won’t venture to guess.

  3. The Yankees clinch the playoff spot. But the TV media already predicting. I won’t I just watch the last four games of the Yankees regular season to find out.

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