Around the Horn: Montero, Aceves, Posada…

As the Yankees prepare to begin a road trip in Texas allow me to sum up some recent stories.

  • Alfredo Aceves, who has been recovering from a back injury, had a setback and will not be returning to the big league team this year. Surgery is not out of the question, and it would surprise me if he did not undergo surgery. Backs are a terribly tricky thing.
  • Yesterday, Joe Girardi said Damaso Marte probably won’t be back this year as well. As we learned earlier, he may need surgery.
  • While we are talking about surgery, Jesus Montero had an unexpected operation performed on his ankle yesterday. He was not in Scranton’s lineup yesterday which led people to believe he may be called up, but the truth was that he had an infection in his ankle. Montero underwent surgery yesterday to have the infection cleaned up. Don’t worry, the surgery seems to have been very minor, and while he will miss the rest of the minor league playoff season, he should be a candidate for a major league job next Spring.
  • Yesterday, we learned that Jorge Posada has been suffering from concussion like symptoms. Fortunately, he underwent some tests and the results were negative. Posada has been cleared to play, but I would expect him to take a few days off in Texas.
  • Coming off some recent struggles, Phil Hughes’ next start will be skipped, Dustin Moseley instead will be pitching this Sunday. Hughes will return to the rotation next Wednesday, and the Yankees say they only skipped him to deal with his innings limit. Still, it should be beneficial to give Phil Hughes a breather since he is not used to throwing this many innings.

5 thoughts on “Around the Horn: Montero, Aceves, Posada…

  1. Hey Chris. I heard Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman are traveling with the major league team to feel for life in the major leagues.

    • Hey, Steven. Yes, that seems to be the news. Montero and Betances will certainly see no playing time, but it is good to expose the life of a major leaguer to them. As of now, I think the Yankees have said Brackman will also be inactive, but since he is on the 40-Man Roster it would be simple to activate him and actually get him into a game or two, still there doesn’t seem to be any indication that they will do this.

      Sorry for not being around lately, I’ve been really busy.

  2. That is understandable. The only reason I can think of not activating Andrew Brackman even in September dealing with how many options you can use before it run out between the major league and minor league shuttle.

  3. Andrew Brackman is active tonight for the Yankees on the 40 man roster. So much conflicting stories about Brackman the last few days. I know he is really tall like 6’9″ or 6’10”.

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