Marte may go under the knife

"The Yankees could really use another lefty now like Marte." Photo Credit: Associated Press

Left-handed reliever Dámaso Marté has been out of action since this year’s All Star break, and unfortunately he may not return to action anytime this season. Buried within an article via the New York Post, we learn that a decision will be made in about two weeks on whether Marté will undergo on his shoulder. While the report is not very definitive, if I had to guess, I’d say Marté probably will need surgery, but what do I know. Hopefully, if he does indeed undergo surgery, it won’t be a major reconstruction, but rather a clean up.

Dámaso Marté is the second year of a three-year contract and his only major contribution to the team seems to be his stellar performance during the 2009 postseason. However, I wouldn’t call Marté a bust. He’s clearly a very good pitcher who has unfortunately been hampered by unpredictable injuries. We can only hope that he comes back strong in 2011 and remains healthy for a full season.

3 thoughts on “Marte may go under the knife

  1. I think the Yankees are doing much better with Boone Logan as their left out of the pen. Also I like what Kerry Wood, David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain are doing at the back end of the pen as a bridge to Mariano.

    • Sure, Logan has been very good lately, but you make it seem like the Yankees are better off without Marte. I don’t see how you can think that. I’d much rather have Marte and Logan in the bullpen rather than just Logan. Marte is a proven dominant reliever and would help out any team he is on. I’m not denying Logan’s success, though.

      You’re right, the bullpen has been excellent lately. Joba unsurprisingly has stepped it up, Robertson has been his usual self, and Kerry Wood has exceeded all expectations.

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