HOPE Week & The Life of a Minor Leaguer


Today marks the start of HOPE Week in 2010. HOPE (Helping Others Perservere & Excel) Week was established in 2009, and was a great success. HOPE Week was one of the most memorable moments of the 2009 season, not only because the Yankees went 5-0 during that week, but more importantly because the Yankees were able to help the community and provide great memories for others. I am genuinely excited to see what the Yankees have in store this year. Here is the Yankees press release on HOPE Week via The Lohud Yankees Blog.

The New York Yankees are proud to announce details regarding their 2010 HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel), a unique week-long community program that will bring to light five remarkable stories intended to inspire individuals into action in their own communities.

Initiated in 2009, HOPE Week is rooted in the fundamental belief that acts of goodwill provide hope and encouragement to more than just the recipient of the gesture.

Each day from Monday, August 16, through Friday, August 20, the Yankees will reach out to an individual, family or organization worthy of recognition and support. Though each day’s celebration will culminate at Yankee Stadium, outreach will often take place away from the Stadium, allowing the Yankees to personally connect with individuals and highlight their success.

A unique aspect of HOPE Week is that every player on the roster, as well as Manager Joe Girardi and his coaching staff, will participate in the outreach for the five events.

Equally significant during HOPE Week is gaining publicity for the highlighted causes and organizations. The greatest challenge facing many not-for-profits is generating interest, awareness and funding for their missions.

Last year’s HOPE Week introduced fans to community heroes Marco and Jen Chiappetta and their Patchwork of Young Leaders Society. Yankees players and Girardi joined them in their home to take part in their mentoring program. The Yankees also encountered Tom Ellenson, Ranjit Seal and Melvin Williams, each of whom have overcome disabilities and serve as inspirational members of society. In addition, the organization held an anniversary celebration for George Murray, his wife, Kim, and their 4-year-old son, Trason. Murray had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and succumbed to the disease a couple of weeks after his Stadium visit. The club also hosted an overnight carnival for Camp Sundown participants, who suffer from a rare genetic disorder that does not allow them exposure to UV light.

The Yankees community initiative was recognized at the 11th Annual National Sportsmanship Awards in St. Louis in November 2009, honoring their work with Camp Sundown. Additionally, President Barack Obama officially announced the return of HOPE Week in 2010 during an April 26 White House ceremony celebrating the team’s 2009 World Series championship.

HOPE Week events and individuals will be introduced via a series of press releases prior to each day’s events. The Yankees thank DKNY, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Flyte Tyme Worldwide Transportation, Hard Rock Cafe, Kunath Signs, Legends Hospitality Management, Majestic, Modell’s, New Era, New Jersey Transit, New York City MTA, New York Stock Exchange, Nike, NYPD, Party City, Turkey Hill and Utz for their upcoming HOPE Week generosity.

Minor League Baseball: Investing in The Future

Mike Ashmore, the Trenton Thunder’s excellent beat writer, released an excellent article about the life of a minor leaguer. It is truly one of the better and more interesting articles I have read in a very long time. If anything is a must read, this is it. The article is quite long, but more than worth the read. Ashmore reveals many aspects that people just really do not know about minor league baseball and how it is far from glamorous. I cannot stress this enough, it is a must read.

5 thoughts on “HOPE Week & The Life of a Minor Leaguer

  1. I for one really like HOPE week. I like seeing the Yankees get out into the community and do some good off the field. They do some nice things for people during this HOPE Week and I am glad that it has made a resurgence for the 2nd straight season.

    • I agree. I cannot express how great I think it is that the Yankees are doing this. It’s just so nice that the Yankees a giving people these once in a lifetime memories.

  2. I really like Hope Week Chris. Touching stories. One in a lifetime opportunity. Especially that kid who announce the names for an inning yesterday of all the Yankees players.

    • You’re right on, all of HOPE Week’s stories are touching. What the Yankees did today for Johanna and Melida Arias today was great, but so was everything else they did before for the other people. Overall, HOPE Week was great in 2009 and exceptional in 2010. It’s sad to see it end so quickly and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

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