Yankees lose out on Haren

"Dan Haren will not be wearing pinstripes anytime soon." Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo Sports

Update 7/25/10

The Angels have just acquired Dan Haren in exchange for Joe Saunders and other prospects. I know nothing about the prospects so I can’t say for sure but it sounds like the D’backs were the losers in this trade.

Just two weeks ago the Yankees were in heavy talks with the Mariners regarding Cliff Lee. In fact, it seemed that the Yankees were just about ready to fit Lee into a Yankee uniform, however, it never came to be. The Mariners pulled out at the last-minute and traded Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers. Now, with the Cliff Lee non-trade in the rearview mirror, the Yankees appear to be in serious discussions with the Arizona Diamondbacks for Dan Haren. Last night the news broke that the Yankees were rumored to be the front-runners in the Haren sweepstakes, and while things have quieted down, there is a good chance that the Yankees still are in the lead for Haren.

In return for Haren, the Diamondbacks are rumored to want pitching, pitching, and more pitching. I think it’s safe to say that Jesus Montero will not be a part of any possible trade for Haren, but last night we did get an idea of who the Yankees might send to Arizona. Last night, Frankie Piliere reported that Ivan Nova could very well be the centerpiece of the trade and that Joba Chamberlain could also be in the deal. However, this morning Bob Klapisch tweeted that the Yankees are not willing to include Joba in a potential trade for Haren and Jon Heyman said the same and added that the Yankees are willing to include Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister, and two other prospects. Heyman also said that the Yankees are willing to take on all of Haren’s contract but they have no interest in taking on anyone else from Arizona. Stay tuned for more updates.

If the Yankees can acquire Dan Haren for Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister, and two lesser prospects I would surely be in approval of the trade, but if the Diamondbacks demand that Joba be included in the trade, that’s when I get a bit uneasy. If the Yankees trade Joba they would be selling very low on him, which is usually not a good idea. Joba has run into a lot of back luck this season (I have a post planned about this and it should be up in the upcoming days) and is bound to see his numbers improve next season if not this season. However, Dan Haren has also experienced bad luck this season and the Diamondbacks would be selling low on him too. Still, Dan Haren doesn’t project to be a big part of the Diamondbacks’ future while Joba could very well play a key role in the Yankees future if they make him a starter. I really don’t know where I would stand on a trade for Haren which includes Joba.

6 thoughts on “Yankees lose out on Haren

    • While I wouldn’t mind seeing Nova get a chance, and I would also not have a problem seeing Mitre start again. Hey, I would also be open to Moseley get a chance. The Yankees are a good enough team to have Mitre/Nova/Moseley as their fifth starter and still win the AL East.

  1. I agree Chris! But the bullpen makes me annoyed such as Chan Ho Park and Joba Chamberlain struggling. The only person who steps up lately to be the setup guy to Mariano Rivera have been Dave Robertson. I got no clue how to turn Joba Chamberlain around and it seems every year his performance is declining. I got no reason why. He is not executing.

    • I fully understand your frustration with the bullpen. I was planning on doing a post about the bullpen focusing on Joba in particular, but I was waiting to see if Joba was traded to Arizona. Hopefully I’ll find time tomorrow to do it.

      By the way, did you notice the new “Commenting Guidelines” page? Don’t worry, it’s not directed at you or any of the other frequent commenters, but I’d appreciate if you gave it look. It’s kind of long but theres no rush for you to read it.

    • Ehh, don’t worry about it this case, haha. This post is somewhat about Joba so talking about the bullpen is not completely out of context. I just made that guideline to make sure nobody decides to talk about trading A-Rod in a post about A.J. Burnett, for example. Oh, but I do ask that you try to use the reply button unless you’re on a mobile device or something else that may not support the reply button. But for the most part you have followed the guidelines all the time without them even being in writing. So don’t worry, haha!

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