What to make of the Yanks loss to the Rays?

"Former Yankees honor the Boss." Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo Sports

Yesterday was an odd day for the Yankees. It started out well with Old Timers’ Day, however, there was a bit of a somber feeling to the whole event with the recent passing of Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner. Plus, Yogi Berra was not in attendance because he had fallen in his home. Thankfully, it sounds like Yogi is going to be okay and I wish him a speedy recovering. In the end though, the Old Timers’ Day celebrations were fun and entertaining. It wasn’t until the real Yankee game that the embarrassment started.

A.J. Burnett took the start for the Yankees and coming off two good starts things were looking good for Burnett. Unfortunately, Burnett allowed 3 runs in the first two innings and in frustration he “slammed his hands against a set of double doors, cutting his palms on the plexi glass that holds the lineup card,” according to the Lohud Yankees Blog. At first Burnett told Yankees trainer, Steve Donohue, that he fallen going up the stairs that lead to the dugout and cut his hands bracing his fall. Burnett claims that he made up this story because he was embarrassed and did not want to be taken out of the game because of what he really did. Burnett was left in the start the 3rd inning, but Joe Girardi would go on to take Burnett out before he even recorded an out. Burnett eventually told Girardi, Donohue, and Brian Cashman how he really cut his hands. It seems like the Yankees have the situation handled and that Burnett understands he is needed by his team. Burnett also said he will speak to his teammates today. In my opinion, it is upsetting and frustrating to hear that a player would do what Burnett did. Let’s not forget about Kevin Brown. Still, I know that it is hard to control your emotions when you are letting your team down and 50,000 fans are booing you. So, I’d like to forgive Burnett and move on and hopefully the Yankees have made sure Burnett has learned his lesson.

On a side note, how much worse can Tim McCarver get at broadcasting baseball? Yesterday’s game was on FOX and McCarver was one of the two broadcasters and if any of you were able to listen to the entire game on FOX, I admire you bravery. Every time I watch a game with McCarver I always find myself muting my television, and yesterday was no different. I don’t have the time to mention all the dumb things McCarver said yesterday, but trust me there were a lot. For instance, when Burnett left the game and his injury had not yet been announced, McCarver decided that Burnett most have hurt himself pieing Nick Swisher the day before. If you want to lose some brain cells check out McCarver ranting about Joe Torre,  NYY Stadium Insider has the video. I’m sorry, I guess I’m ranting now too, but I just can’t stand Tim McCarver (or Joe Morgan for that matter).

3 thoughts on “What to make of the Yanks loss to the Rays?

  1. The New York Yankees won 9-5 today but Andy Pettitte left with a strained left groin and is headed to the 15-day D.L. And that could mean he is out four to five weeks according to Brian Cashman!

  2. I know. And the options are Sergio Mitre at the beginning. Ivan Nova or Zach McAllister are the only options at Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees!

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