Lee to the Yankees almost done…never mind

Joel Sherman reported  last night that talks about a potential Cliff Lee trade between the Yankees and the Mariners heated up to a boil. It looks like the Yankees would be giving up Jesus Montero, David Adams, and another prospect to acquire Lee. Ken Davidoff reported recently that the Yankees and Mariners may have hit a snag in their discussions, but shortly after he reported that the Mariners have stopped talking to all other teams but the Yankees, so at this point it really is looking like a done deal.

I surely hope this trade does not go through. The Yankees would be giving up one of the top 5 prospects in baseball, the best hitting prospect they have had since Derek Jeter, for 4 months of Cliff Lee. I love Cliff Lee as much as the next guy, but you don’t give up someone who has a good chance to be an elite hitter under cheap team control for the next decade for 4 months of someone who you can acquire in just 4 months for the price of zero prospects. I sincerely hope Cashman just wanted to get others teams to up their bids, and the discussions have just gone too further than Cashman intended. Probably, just my wishful thinking.

Obviously, if the Yankees do acquire Lee, they have would have 6 above average starting pitchers. And with A.J. Burnett’s contract, Javier Vazquez would appear to be the odd man out. Unless, the Yankees can acquire an elite prospect for Vazquez, I don’t like this Cliff Lee trade.

Update 3:45 pm

Joel Sherman just tweeted this

#Mariners backing off #Yankees offer, Post has learned. Does not look like #Yankees are in it.

Remember, Sherman originally reported that talks had heated up, so he may know something.

9 thoughts on “Lee to the Yankees almost done…never mind

  1. Or an another outfielder in exchange for Javy Vazquez. I love Lee but Montero was supposely to be a star at hitting but his defensive skills was the main question in becoming a major league catcher!

    • There is no denying that Montero’s defense has been questioned. However, he is just 20 years old and has plenty of time to work on it. Plus, there are reports that his defense has improved a lot there year, and also that the Mariners are confident in his catching abilities. However, even if he just a career DH, the Yankees could have an elite bat for many years who is not too expensive. And in four months, they can go out and sign Cliff Lee anyway. I don’t buy the idea that trading for Lee now will increase the Yankees chances of signing him long term. I feel that if the Yankees want Lee, they could easily overpay for him this offseason, without giving up any prospects. They are going to overpay for him even if they trade for him and extend him, so it makes no difference. I am trying to find a bright side of this trade, but I really can’t.

      Three to four months of Cliff Lee is not worth giving up the futures of Jesus Montero, David Adams, and a third prospect.

  2. I see your point unless Javy Vazquez get traded for prospects or an outfielder that help the major league club!

    • Of course if Vazquez gets traded for an elite prospect or a big time player then this trade will look better, but I doubt the Yankees will get too much for Vazquez. Remember, the Yankees only had to give up Melky Cabrera, Arodys Vizcaino, and Mike Dunn. Now, whoever would trade for Vazquez would only get half a season, so they would presumably give up less talent than the Yankees gave up to get Javy in the first place.

      It’s probably naive and silly for me to say this, but I kind of hope the Lee trade falls through. But, that sounds highly unlikely at this point.

  3. It didn’t happen. Wow no wonder trade walks are treacherous. And the Texas Rangers now got Cliff Lee!

    • I’m almost happy it didn’t happen, but Brian Cashman can’t be too happy with how the negotiations went down. If what the media says is true, the Yankees were inches away from completing the deal, and then Jack Zduriencik decided to back out and look for a better deal. Basically, the Yankees were used. However, it’s not like they lost anything. And Jesus is still a Yankee!

      I’m not worried about the Rangers and I don’t mind that Lee was traded to them, it’s much better than Lee going to the Rays or something. Plus, the Rangers have no money right now, they couldn’t possibly extend Cliff Lee. They can’t even pay Lee’s remaining salary (the Mariners are throwing in some money). However, if the Rangers franchise is purchased before Cliff Lee becomes a free agent, their new owner may have the money to extend Lee. Still, I think Lee will test free agency, and the Yankees are clearly ready to go above and beyond for Lee.

  4. Yes I agree Chris the New York Yankees will throw the most money at Cliff Lee. At least all the Yankees catching prospects are still in the system. Jesus Montero, Austin Romine, Gary Sanchez and J.R. Murphy. And I know only a little bit about David Adams who is a second baseman but currently on the disabled list at Double A Trenton. I know Robbie Cano will stay at second base for a long time.

    • Obviously Cano is blocking Adams at second base, but Adams is no slouch. He is a good hitter and an average fielder who projects to be a solid consistent Major League second baseman.

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