Send Swisher to California!

The 2010 All Star rosters were announced and six Yankees will be making the journey to Anaheim. Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano were selected by the fans as the two Yankee starters. Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera were selected by the players. And Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia were selected by Joe Girardi, the American League’s manager. The first thing that I noticed was that Andy Pettitte was not selected, however, he could still go because some players (such as Sabathia) will need to be replaced on the roster because they are pitching the Sunday before the All Star Game. A second thing that kind of surprised me was Alex Rodriguez getting a selection. I mean that was Girardi’s choice and it makes sense to choose your own guys, but I think there are guys more deserving of the spot.

Speaking of guys who deserve a spot on the All Star roster, Nick Swisher is a “Final Vote” candidate. Swisher would really appreciate the honor to go to the All Star Game, and it would really mean a lot to him to be selected. So let’s send him California! You can vote here an unlimited amount of times. Oh, and head on over to the Yankees official site to see Swisher’s promotion video, it is quite entertaining. Vote Swisher!

1 thought on “Send Swisher to California!

  1. Actually Andy Pettitte made the squad now replacing Clay Buckholtz who went on the D.L. It is seven and counting Chris.

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