2010 First-Year Player Draft

Today is the first day of the First-Year Player Draft. MLB Network will have a preview of it at 6:00 pm and at 7:00 pm they will begin to broadcast the draft live. I’m going to try to cover the first round. Here is the draft order. I plan to update this post tomorrow when the first round is said and done. Remember you can watch the draft unfold on MLB Network and MLB.COM.

  1. Washington Nationals:
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates:
  3. Baltimore Orioles:
  4. Kansas City Royals:
  5. Cleveland Indians:
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks:
  7. New York Mets:
  8. Houston Astros:
  9. San Diego Padres:
  10. Oakland Athletics:
  11. Toronto Blue Jays:
  12. Cincinnati Reds:
  13. Chicago White Sox:
  14. Milwaukee Brewers:
  15. Texas Rangers:
  16. Chicago Cubs:
  17. Tampa Bay Rays:
  18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:
  19. Houston Astros:
  20. Boston Red Sox:
  21. Minnesota Twins:
  22. Texas Rangers:
  23. Florida Marlins:
  24. San Francisco Giants:
  25. Saint Louis Cardinals:
  26. Colorado Rockies:
  27. Philadelphia Phillies:
  28. Los Angeles Dodgers:
  29. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:
  30. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:
  31. Tampa Bay Rays:
  32. New York Yankees:

3 thoughts on “2010 First-Year Player Draft

  1. We are up to pick 28 in the draft. The Dodgers are on the clock and they selected Zach Lee a RHP who is a QB committed to LSU. 4 more picks to the Yankees.

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