Game 51: Memorial Day Matinée

After taking 2 out of 3 from the Indians at home, the Yankees look to make it 3 out 4 today against Mitch Talbot. Anyway, today is Memorial Day. Most people think of Memorial Day as a day when people get together and barbeque, and that’s great. But, let’s not forget what this holiday is really about. Memorial Day is about honoring and remembering all the people who have served the United States. I digress, here is the starting lineup via Chad Jennings

SS Derek Jeter

CF Curtis Granderson

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

DH Juan Miranda

C Francisco Cervelli

LF Brett Gardner

LHP Andy Pettitte

"Go get them Andy!" Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo Sports.

Miranda’s long journey

Chad Jennings had a great feature with Juan Miranda and how he got to where he is today. Originally from Cuba, he escaped to the Dominican Republic on his seventh attempt. Check out the article, it is just a great story.

Posada recovering

Jorge Posada seems to be quickly recovering from a hariline fracture in his foot. Everyday the Yankees seem more and more optimistic about Posada’s return. Here’s what Girardi had to say yesterday:

“If he feels good tomorrow you might even see him run on the field. If he’s OK to do that, we could have a player fairly soon.”

Has Teixeira really been that bad?

Obviously Teixeira had a poor April, but we just chalked that up to early season struggles. But now as we near the end of May, Teixeira’s average still sits at  .221 and the general feeling is that he has been pretty bad in May as well. However, that may not be the case. Take a minute to guess what his numbers are this month. Do you have something in your head? Okay.

In the month of May this year Teixeira has put up the following line:

AVG: .281 OBP: .364 HR: 6 RBI: 25

While those numbers are quite his normal numbers, they certainly aren’t bad. In addition, Teixeira has a .233 BABIP this season compared to his career .305 BABIP. If you are familiar with batting average on balls in play (BABIP) you know that when a player hits way under his career BABIP, he is usually experiencing bad luck.

Alex Rodriguez: “One class act.”

Because I know the media and many people will quickly forget this, I wanted to bring it up. After the game in which A-Rod lined a ball up the middle that hit Indians pitcher David Huff on the head causing him to go the hospital, A-Rod went to go visit Huff in the hospital but since he was already released A-Rod called Huff to check up on him. Huff really appreciated A-Rod kindness and had this to say:

“I’d like to thank the Yankees team doctors and our training for making sure i was ok. I’d also like to thank the NY Yankees security staff for taking care of my family, they were amazing. finally, to A Rod for contacting me on his way to the hospital, one class act. Everything is good. It was a little scary but I’m out of the hospital now and with my family. Thank you all for you concern and support.”

But we all know most people will forget this in a few days but if A-Rod steps on a bug it will be talked about for months.

7 thoughts on “Game 51: Memorial Day Matinée

  1. The Yankees are 31-20 after a 11-2 win. A-Rod hit his 20th grand slam. Andy Pettitte tied Whitey Ford on the all time MLB pitcher win list.

    • 20 grand slams is pretty crazy just to think about. I know there are a couple people with more career grand slams but still 20 is pretty amazing.

      The Yankees are on pace to win 98 games, obviously that means nothing because things change but it is fun to think about. Can you believe the Yankees are almost 1/3 finished with the season? It goes too fast.

  2. Yes it goes fast when the team is winning. Lou Gehrig got 23 while Manny Ramirez got 21 grand slams. A-Rod is next with 20!

    • Hopefully A-Rod can reach the top of the list by the end of his career, but grand slams are pretty hard to come by. You not only have to be really good, but you have to be lucky too.

  3. This was an amazing game as they try to inch closer to Tampa who are losing 3-0 to Toronto right now. About Teix I don’t think he’s doing so bad and even if he is slumping a little at the plate he is making up for it with his stellar defense at first base. Miranda isn’t doing so bad either. I didn’t like him at first but the more I watch him the better he seems to get. Also it is amazing that a third of the season is almost over. Great to see David Huff is doing alright too. Great post Chris!

    • Teixiera’s numbers this month actually surprised me, I really didn’t think he did that well.

      Anyway, I’m glad you liked this post. I try to make all my posts worth reading, but I often don’t have the time to put all the effort into the blog so sometimes I won’t have a post for a while. I’m sure you know exactly what that’s like with your blog. Hopefully when the summer comes around I’ll have more free time.

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