Game 33: Yankees at Tigers

Earlier today the Yankees lost to the Tigerrs and Rick Porcello by the score of 2-0. While it is no fun to see the team lose, I can’t help but not feel too bad about the game, and I’m sure you know why. Javier Vazquez, after starting the year off poorly pitched very well earlier. He went seven innings and only allowed two runs while striking out seven and only walking two batters. Another good sign was that hitters swung and missed sixteen times against Javy. “Nice to Javier you back, Javier” Tonight the Yankees will play again in the second of game of this doubleheader. Here is the starting lineup via Chad Jennings

DH Derek Jeter

CF Brett Gardner

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

LF Marcus Thames

C Francisco Cervelli

SS Ramiro Pena

RHP Phil Hughes

"Go out and end this losing streak, Phil. Do it for Javy"

Aceves to the DL

Earlier today the Yankees placed Alfredo Aceves on the 15-day DL with a bulging disc in his back. Back issues can be quite problematic, and considering Aceves has had back issues in the past, I wouldn’t expect him back soon. The Yankees may want to find out why Aceves keeps hurting his back and try to fix the problem instead of just having him rest until he feels better.

Golson back

With Aceves hitting the DL, the Yankees called up speedy outfielder Greg Golson. In the ninth inning of today’s game, Kevin Russo pinch ran for Jorge Posada. Not to knock Russo’s speed or anything, but I have no clue why Golson wasn’t running in that spot. Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. We’ve seen a lot of roster moves lately, and there will be more to come. Supposedly the Yankees have a mystery pitcher (probably Albaladejo) waiting at the hotel in Detroit just in case he is needed to be called up. Also, I would expect to see Juan Miranda called up sooner than later.

8 thoughts on “Game 33: Yankees at Tigers

  1. Phil Hughes just looks nasty on the mound tonight. He is blowing guys away with heat in the high 90’s. The Yankees needed this after suffering through one of Javy Vazquez’s outings. People should get medals for watching those.

      • People didn’t suffer today but his other outings they did. I saw the game this afternoon and you may want to sit down for this…but Javier Vazquez impressed me. Yes he got the loss but he gave them 7 on a day they needed length out of their starters and he struck out 7. Maybe it is his lucky number. Too bad it’s already retired for Mickey Mantle. Speaking of classic Yankees today was Yogi Berra’s 85th Birthday and Yankees manager Joe Girardi joked that the team was playing a doubleheader just to give legend Yogi Berra a full day of Yankees baseball to watch on his 85th birthday. Yankees are still 1.5 behind the Rays but Rodriguez and Teixeira aren’t even hitting over .300 yet. Once they do this team is a completely different animal.

  2. I didn’t see Javy Vazquez game but it wasn’t bad allowing two runs in seven innings but you can’t win if your team score zero! And Phil Hughes pitch good especially one in the fourth a bases loaded jam Chris!

  3. CC Sabathia lost the game to Justin Verlander 6-0 and the Yankees lose their second series of the 2010 season. Now the Yankees are 22-12 in the 2010 season. Even CC Sabathia the ace of the Yankees staff got an occasional stinker.

    • Steven that’s pretty good that they have only lost 2 series in the 34 games they have played this season and even the ace gets to have a bad game once in a while. Also the Royals have fired their manager Trey Hillman. (<FYI) The Yankee offense has been asleep the last few nights hopefully the roaring crowd of Yankee Stadium can awaken them.

  4. Thanks Riz! I am not worried! It’s just sometimes the sting of losing makes Yankees fans mad. I guess young and old Yankees fan are getting spoiled at all the winning lately. I am just taking one game at a time one series at a time and not looking ahead at the schedule. The Yankees focus should be on Minnesota Twins at the Stadium against Francisco Liriano.

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