Game 31: Yankees at Tigers

After coming off yet another series win yesterday, the Yankees will begin a four game series in Detroit today. Here is the starting lineup via Chad Jennings

SS Derek Jeter

RF Nick Swisher

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

C Jorge Posada

DH Marcus Thames – it’s a good thing he’s not in left field

CF Brett Gardner

LF Randy Winn

RHP Sergio Mitre – starting for Andy Pettitte

Not everybody is a fan of this guy, but you've got to admit he does have a pretty cool name.

Ivan Nova Called Up

Photo credit: Mike Ashmore

Earlier today the Yankees called up starting pitcher Ivan Nova. Nova will be in the bullpen for the time being. I was thinking that the Yankees should start Nova tonight and have Mitre in the bullpen, but Chad Jennings reported that Nova would arrive just before the game starts, so I guess my idea wouldn’t work anyway. To make room on the active roster, Romulo Sanchez, who pitched last night, was sent down.

Chan Ho Park on his way back

Park threw a 45 pitch bullpen session today and will throw a rehab session in extended Spring Training on Wednesday. From there he will most likely see one or two rehab games and should then return to the major league bullpen.

Dallas Braden

Yesterday Braden pitched a perfect game, and I congratulate him for that, and I thank him for beating the Rays. I have tried to stay away from writing about him, but for those of you who want to discuss his antics I recommend checking out Matthew Vereb’s of take on Braden.

8 thoughts on “Game 31: Yankees at Tigers

  1. I’m not a big fan of Mitre and he was out by the 5th inning tonight as Robertson took his place. Like you I am glad that Thames is not in left but Gardner had a ball hit to him in center and he totally lost it in the lights. This Yankee team really needs to refocus.

    • Wait, this team really needs to refocus? They’re coming off a series win against the Red Sox and they’re having a good year. Why do they need to refocus? Because Gardner lost a ball in the lights and Mitre didn’t throw a shutout? I’m not sure I understand where you are coming from.

      • I mean refocus in as they seem to be getting a tad cocky. Yes these are the defending champs but they still have to play hard. Having only some of your rotation produce is not going to win another pennant. I really shouldn’t bag on Brett but he’s not in Single A Staten Island anymore he has to make a better effort on balls like that. I have to give him credit for keeping it in front of him though. Yeah Mitre didn’t throw a shut out but he didn’t even last 5 innings! I don’t think between him and Mitre they couldn’t throw strikes to the blind.

  2. Every teams has ups and downs in the regular season. I am not worried. It all depends on getting enough offense. Mitre was serviceable but A-Rod throwing error in the first led to two runs.

  3. The Yankees lost 5-4! I know the best teams in baseball usually lose 60 or more games in a normal season. I am not worry! The Yankees will bounce back! I hope Javy Vazquez finally fix his mechanics or whatever he doing wrong corrected as soon as possible. Sergio Mitre was serviceable but he was left down by A-rod in the first on a throwing error. Okay Mitre left some pitches in the middle of the plate but he is a fifth starter and most fifth starter or fillins are bad. Such as the home run to Johnny Damon on a high sinker!

  4. Rain out today and a day night double header tomorrow. Vazquez in game 1 and Hughes in game 2. They will go against Porcello and Jeremy Bonderman. At least the Yankees have a shot at winning one of those games. Great article in today’s Daily News about Javy Vazquez and his “Empire State of Mind.” It is definitely worth a read.

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