Game 24: White Sox at Yankees

First of all I would like to apologize about the lack of posts recently. I’ve been really preoccupied lately because of a death in my family. While I still may be away from the blogging world for a little while longer, I have time on my hands today.

Here is the starting lineup for the Yankees today…

SS Derek Jeter

1B Nick Johnson

DH Mark Teixeira

RF Nick Swisher

2B Robinson Cano

C Jorge Posada

LF Marcus Thames

CF Brett Gardner

3B Ramiro Pena

RHP Phil Hughes

Interesting lineup, isn’t it?

Granderson Goes Down

Unfortunately, Curtis Granderson had to leave yesterday’s ballgame with a grade II left groin strain. Will Carroll thinks Curtis could be back in 24 weeks, and if he is right this injury wouldn’t be too damaging to the team. As of now the Yankees have called up Mark Melancon to take Granderson’s roster spot, but we should expect an outfielder to be called up in the next few days. Chad Huffman and Greg Golson are two options waiting in Scranton.

What to Make of Vazquez

Javier Vazquez pitched in his fifth start of the year yesterday, and was once again awful. As fans, we can’t possibly know what is wrong with Javy, but I think it’s all mental now. His mechanics have always been a little funky throughout his career, which can make them hard to repeat. Javy may have started with his spirits high and just his mechanics off, but his confidence is obviously shaken now as it would be with any pitcher who has struggled as much as he has. Via…

“It’s tough,” Vazquez said of his struggles. “I can’t hide that. But I promise everybody I’m going to keep working hard at it and battle through it.”

I think by now Vazquez is now trying too hard to fix his mechanics, causing him to think too much. The best thing for him to do right would probably just be to go out and throw without putting any thought into it. I suggest reading Frankie Piliere’s in-depth look at Javy’s mechanics.

8 thoughts on “Game 24: White Sox at Yankees

  1. Sorry about the death in the family Chris. and don’t worry about lack of posts. it is hard to keep these going!

    I do think the Yanks are playing pretty well and over the season (barring any other major injuries) should do just fine. Starting pitching is overall good (4 out of 5!) and going deep. and once Tex and A-Rod really start hitting all will be well.

    • Thanks Tom, I appreciate that.

      You’re right, once Teixeira, A-Rod and the rest of the Yankees start firing on all cylinders this is going to be a scary team, they just have to stay healthy.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. I was at the game today. And I always thought Hughes could be an ace or number two starter one of these days. I am more patient with young pitcher. The Yankees will be a scary team when A-Rod and Tex get going. Robbie Cano had a talent to win a batting title but he already got nine home runs. Tex got four hits. What a nice surprise today seeing Brett Gardner hit a home run but I know his game is to hit line drives and get hits on the ground?

    • Thank you Steven.

      You couldn’t have gone to a better game. Hughes was excellent, and the Yankees hitters were just destroying the White Sox. I have a feeling A-Rod and Tex are going to get going soon, and Johnson too. The Brett Gardner home run surprised me, but you’re right, his game is to hit hit line drives and get infield hits on the ground.

  3. Sorry for your loss Chris. Today was a great game and Girardi got to do some experimenting with Cervell at 3B. When I was at the ALCS last season I saw Jeter and Cervelli taking ground balls together and now I know why! John Sterling said he was an IF coming up in the minors and he’s a converted catcher? I’m just about 110% sure he was a catcher in single a short season Staten Island in 2006.

      • Oh I don’t put any stock in anything that comes out of Sterling’s mouth anymore. I just listen in for the comical hr calls. Maybe with Curtis on the DL he can think of a better call than the one he has. Yeah I’ve followed Cervelli and Gardy throughout their Minor League careers and I’m very sure he’s always been a catcher. That link you posted proves my theory more.

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