Hughes carries Yankees to series win

Last night the Yankees took the rubber game of this past series against the Angels with the help of Phil Hughes’ arm, and of course the Yankee bats. This post is going to be about Phil Hughes though, so I won’t be diving into the rest of the game.

Last night in his first start of the year Hughes put up the following line…

IP: 5.0  H: 3  BB: 5  SO: 6  ER: 2

Hughes looked very good through his first five innings, except for the pitch that he left up which Hideki Matsui homered on. Through these five innings Hughes walked 4 batters, which got him into trouble at times which brought his pitch count way up. However, he was getting squeezed by the home plate umpire and the Angels are a patient team that will take close pitches. Against a more free-swinging team, Hughes would have pitched even better. You can’t tell by the linescore, but Hughes went back out to start the sixth inning. At this point it looked like he was tiring, but I liked the move to bring him back out. Unfortuiantly, Hughes gave up a single and a walk to the first two batters in the sixth, and Girardi decided it was time to end Hughes’ night at 108 pitches. David Robertson followed Hughes allowed the batter that Hughes had previously allowed a single to score, this is where Hughes’ second earned run came from.

Overall Hughes was very good last night. His release point was consistent, he was consistently hitting 92-94 MPH on the radar gun with his fastball, he was aggressive for most of the game, his cutter had great late life, and his curveball had a very tight break. He only threw his changeup five times, I hope he uses it more often in his next start.

Here is a look at Hughes’ release point…

Basically what you would be looking for with this type of graph is how close the dots representing pitches are. The closer they are together, the more consistent the pitcher's release point was. In this case, Hughes' release point was pretty good.

Here’s a look at Hughes’ pitches…

Here you can see that Hughes threw many pitches in the strike zone which were called balls (green dots).

You can click on the graphs to see them in a larger size, they can be a little tough to see when they are small. I know they can be a little confusing at first, but they really are simple once you get familiar with them.

3 thoughts on “Hughes carries Yankees to series win

  1. Big win on a very big day that honored Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color barrier 63 years ago. I really like everyone wearing the number 42 to honor him. Robinson Cano who was named after Jackie Robinson came up big on the night where his namesake was honored. Phil Hughes also did a nice job for his first outing of 2010. Speaking of Phil Hughes I like those diagrams you posted. They are very interesting. The Yankees are leading the Rangers 5 – 1 in a very rainy game at the Stadium.

  2. What a day in the MLB! The Yankees win (what else is new?), Ubaldo Jimenez threw a no hitter (the 1st in Rockies history) & the Mets beat the Cardinals in a 20 inning, 7 hour game! That’s only what happened this day in 2010! Today was also the day Mickey Mantle made his MLB debut.

    • Crazy day indeed. I’m happy for Jimenez, and I can’t believe the Mets won. In addition to today being the day Mantle made his debut, it is the day Bob Sheppard made his debut.

      By the way, considering that these comments have nothing to do you with this particular post, I would appreciate it if you used the Off Topic page next time you want to comment on something unrelated to any recent posts. Don’t worry though, no harm done.

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