Preparing For The Home Opener

Tomorrow the Yankees will play their 2010 home opener, only the second home opener of this Yankee Stadium’s history. It promises to be fun to watch with all the ceremonies they plan on doing tomorrow. I can’t wait! Anyway, if you want to talk during the game tomorrow you can just comment here because I will not be able to have a game post. I will have a game recap instead however. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Preparing For The Home Opener

  1. Can’t wait for this. It is going to be so much better than last year because the players are going to get their rings and the World Championship banner is going to be raised. Now it is for real. The season is opening up at home and now the title defense gets serious because like the Tampa Bay Rays everyone wants a chance to say that they defeated the World Champions. Lucky for the Yankees not many teams are going to have the opportunity against this power packed team.

  2. I am excited for the ring ceremony and seeing Andy Dandy Pettitte leading the Yankees to a victory hopefully. But it is going to be weird see Matsui in an Angels uniform instead of Yankees pinstripes.

  3. The Yankees won 7-5 over the Angels on Opening Day. Andy Pettitte was great. Dave Robertson gave up a grand slam to Bobby Abreu in the ninth. That force Mo to get in the game and got a save Chris.

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