CC comes close to a no-no

CC Sabathia came extremely close to a no-hitter this afternoon, but with two outs in the eight inning Sabathia gave up a single to former teamate Kelly Shoppach. Nevertheless, CC was absolutely great today and the offense was pretty good too scoring 10 runs. Let’s not forget the defense either. A-Rod, Teixeira, and Cano all made outstanding plays which at the time kept CC’s no-hitter intact. Overall, it was a great game.

Your Opinion

Joe Girardi said after the game that Shoppach was the last batter CC was going to face even if he got him out. I for one don’t believe this. Sabathia threw 111 pitches today, assuming he could have gotten through the 8th with those 111 pitches, how could you not let him go one more inning? What do you think, was Girardi really going to take CC out after the Shoppach at bat no matter what?

3 thoughts on “CC comes close to a no-no

  1. The thing that impressed me about CC’s possible no hitter is that Francisco Cervelli and not Jorge Posada was behind the plate calling the game! Good Job Frankie!

  2. And as to Shoppach being his last batter that is absolute bull. We all now CC is a horse and can easily throw upwards of 120 pitches especially if it meant throwing a no hitter.

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