Goodbye Edwar, Hello Park

With Chan Ho Park arriving at Yankees camp today, the Yankees needed to clear a spot on the 40 man roster. Unsurprisingly, Edwar Ramirez was designated for assignment. Now the question is will he be claimed by a team? In my opinion, he will be claimed by some team out there, but there is always a chance he clears waivers and can go back to AAA Scranton for the Yankees. Anyway, according to Chad Jennings, Park will wear number 61, has been throwing in Korea, and he feels ready to pitch. The plan as of now is that he will do some long toss today and throw a bullpen tomorrow.

I would assume that Park cleaned his hair up, though he does look pretty cool like that.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Edwar, Hello Park

  1. Chan Ho Park needs to shave his beard! I know he pitched against us last year in the World Series but I didn’t realize he pitched scoreless innings but he will be a middle reliever I think, and at worst the long reliever! I guess the Yankees pitching staff has got a lot of depth! I’d rather have too much pitching but bullpen guys are very volatile! I reserve judgment on Park pitching in the A.L. East and how he does in a regular season game than Spring Training stats!

  2. There’s always room for improvement. Even for the World Champion New York Yankees. Chan Ho Park should fit in nicely in New York and be able to contribute to this pitching staff.

  3. Did you see that Joba Chamberlain got bombed today? Was it due to rust or was he really sick in today Spring Training game versus the Rays! I didn’t see the game but Hughes look better to me even though he gave up one run in two innings and that was a wind aided home run!

    • Yeah, I saw both Hughes and Joba’s outings. Hughes looked pretty good, Joba was a little out of wack. You have to remember this is their first game of spring training, you cannot put anything into it. In fact you can’t put much into anything that happens in spring training, even the final games. As far as why Joba had a poor outing, I’m going to say being sick from the flu and missing two days of training threw his mechanics off a bit and he was probably feeling a little weak. No bid deal, but I’ll have a post tomorrow going over the it.

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