Save Gate 2 – Before It Is Gone

Our friends of Save Gate 2 need our support:

Old Yankee Stadium Gate 2 – Call to Action

To Friends of Gate 2 and All Yankee Fans in the World,

Fortunately, Gate 2 still stands and it is not too late to continue the fight for its preservation.  In a late October presentation to the NYC Public Design Commission, the NYC Parks Department’s latest proposal for Heritage Field was rejected until they could come back with a design change that conveys the majesty of the structure that once stood on the site of old Yankee Stadium!  While the Parks Department is very aware of the proposal to preserve Gate 2, and the Design Commission even referred to it during the hearing, they are still stubbornly refusing to even consider it.

Please I urge you to head over to the Save Gate 2 website and see what you can do to help, it’s very easy you don’t even have to leave your computer. This is for a good cause, saving a part of what will always be the greatest baseball stadium ever, Yankee Stadium.

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