It is almost here

Later today, millions of people will be watching Super Bowl XLIV. For many baseball fans, this game will take their minds off baseball for a few hours. But after that, our minds will shift back to waiting for spring training which is only 11 days away. So many of us are anxiously awaiting for pitchers and catchers to report, but the funny thing is that once they do report nothing really changes for us fans. We will just get stories of how the pitchers did some fielding practice, or how Posada is working with Javier Vazquez to get him adjusted, or how player X is in the “best shape of his life.” All of these stories are pretty generic for spring training, and they won’t really fulfill our need for baseball. It won’t be until the first spring training game shown on YES that we will begin filling that need. Anyway here’s some links to look at on this fine Sunday morning.

“Hughes Should Start in Scranton” via TYU I agree, if Hughes does not start 2010 in the starting rotation I feel he would be better off starting in Scranton than relieving in the Bronx. Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain are starters.

“Rival GMs praising Cashman” via RAB He deserves the praise, he has been running the organization wisely lately.

“Nick Johnson vs Johnny Damon: Who’s the better two-spot hitter? via Pending Pinstripes

Petcoa picks the Yankees to win the East now

Only 11 more days until pitchers and catchers report!

4 thoughts on “It is almost here

  1. Hey Chris!! The Yankees signed Marcus Thames to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training!! I know it is not sexy but there will be competition for one of the outfield spots!! I remember Marcus Thames hitting a home run off Randy Johnson remember in the 2002 season!!

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while but not a whole lot of sports’ news has been making the headlines except one big story out of the Bayou is about the Who Dat Nation down in New Orleans. The underdog Saints made their first ever super bowl appearance in franchise history and beat the favorite Indianapolis Colts. It was an amazing game and reminded me a lot of Super Bowl 42 when the underdog Giants defeated the highly favored Patriots. I should be posting more once spring training gets underway now that I’m no longer swamped with school work.

  3. Yes I know about the Super Bowl and the baseball blogs are quiet!! But I will be interested in the Yankees prospect such as Jesus Montero!! I know it will be fun to watch baseball again in Spring Training even though it doesn’t count and look at prospects, competition for the fifth starter, and who play where such as Curtis Granderson in left or center or Brett Gardner play in centerfield as the best bet along with competition from Marcus Thames and Randy Winn!! I am getting excited because I believe the Yankees will win again!!

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