Watch out Jerry, you won’t like Brian when he’s angry!

In case you haven’t heard, Jerry Hairston Jr. recently signed a 1 year 2.13 million dollar deal to play with the San Diego Padres (and his brother). Reportedly the Yankees had never even made an offer to Hairston, and today we hear what Jerry had to say about the situation. According to Jim Bowden Hairston Jr. said the following on XM radio, “Brian Cashman’s going to get mad at me, but Yanks didn’t make me offer because he’s waiting on Damon price to come down.” Woah, be careful what you say there Jerry. I do hope this is true, but c’mon Jerry did you have to give Cashman’s plan away like that? Jerry should be careful what he says, maybe he didn’t know Cashman is a deadly ninja. On a serious note, although this is just coming from a player who’s not really in the know with the Yankees front office, I would imagine this gives Damon and Boras some leverage. Oh well, what do we know about the Yankees front office anyway? In the end it seems highly unlikely Cashman actually told Hairston that the Yankees are waiting for Damon’s price to drop, but it makes for a good story.

The wrong man to anger.


Cashninja shot down the report, which is not surprising, but to me the cat is out of the bag. And I don’t think it’s really Hairston who broke the secret, it has made sense all off season that the Yankees should be interested in Damon.

11 thoughts on “Watch out Jerry, you won’t like Brian when he’s angry!

  1. Wow I’m bummed out to hear that Hairston is gone. He was a great veteran utility man to have on the Yankees but nice title to your post.

    • I hope so too Steven. I really hope that he does sign by the end of the week and that he wasn’t just being hopeful when he said that. I hate when issues like this go this deep into the winter. This is the part of the off season where nothing is supposed to happen, the calm before the storm.

  2. I know but Xavier Nady signs with the Chicago Cubs and that one less free agent outfielder!! I am not sure if Damon will sign back with the Yankees later on by the end of this week or next!! The Oakland A’s are talking to Damon right now after they sign Ben Sheets to a one year 8-10 million dollars!!

  3. Of course!! But stranger things happen in baseball with Boras clients!! I am not saying who the Yankees starting leftfielder until Damon signs with a club!!! Hopefully by the end of this week!! This offseason been filled with drama and rumors about Damon supposely turning down two years and 14 million dollars earlier in the offseason when Nick Johnson signed!! I guess Brian Cashman correctly predicted the outfield free agent market to be sl0w!!

    • Cashman definitely predicted the market correctly, and Boras needs to get off his high horse. I’m sure Damon is kicking himself for not taking the two year 14 million offer (if it existed).

  4. If Nady got three million plus two million in incentives for one year then I think Damon should get more like five million-seven million plus incentives but I am not sure what is the Yankees budget at this moment!!

  5. I am sorry to break your heart Chris but the Damon tenure is most likely over!! The Yankees don’t have enough money left in their budget for a Damon signing when he told Bryan Hoch a MLB reporter who covers the Yankees!! Now the Yankees have to look at Reed Johnson or Rocco Baldelli for a platoon with Brett Gardner!!

    • Don’t worry, Damon not returning won’t break my heart. I read that report but I’m not too sure I can believe it. General managers typically don’t tell the truth to the media very often, and with Boras playing all these games concerning Damon and the Yankees, Cashman has to lie even more. If he said the Yankees could afford Damon, Boras would just put Damon’s price higher. The only chance the Yankees have of knocking some sense into Boras’ head is by saying they can’t possibly afford Damon. Let’s face it, where else is Damon going to go?

  6. I hope this is true Chris!! I hope Cashman is really lying and got money for Damon or else Cashman will sign a righthanded platoon such as Rocco Baldelli or Reed Johnson!! It is no fun speculating on rumors that is true or false!! But Xavier Nady signs for one year and 3 million plus two million in incentives from the Cubs and he is a Boras client and Boras asks the Yankees for one year and 5 million in base money!!

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