The begining of the end

Tonight at 12:00 pm the calender will flip over to a new year, 2010. It will mark the end of a decade filled with Yankee memories, including two World Series Championships. Hoepfully the next decade will be even better, and it does look promising with all the young talent the Yankees are finally developing. Happy New Year!

Also, be sure to visit Riz’s new blog. You probably know Riz because he always comments on 161st Street, and I thank him for that. This is not Riz’s first blog, you should now. I’ve lost count of how many blogs he has. Anyway, I encourage you to visit Riz’s new “Yakkin About The New York Yankees” blog.

1 thought on “The begining of the end

  1. Thanks for the promo Chris and yes I do have a lot of blogs. I think I have 4 including this new one. It is now 2010 WoW but to celebrate 2009 I have compiled a video of the Top 10 Yankee moments of 2009 and it is on Youtube, My new blog which is linked above and on Twitter as well.

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